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Dating is a numbers game, the more dates you go on, the better chance of meeting someone! With a 13-year track record, Single In The City hosts speed dating events in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. Sign up for a speed dating party near you!

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Trouble meeting suitable matches? Single In The City offers a “pay-as-you-date” approach at a competitive, low rate. Join Single In The City’s GTA and Toronto Matchmaking database for only $125 today!

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Date Coach

Not sure where you’re going wrong in your dating life? Ready to start seeing results in your dating life? Work with Laura Bilotta, your personalized Dating Coach. Your first step is to take Laura up on her first time introductory offer for only $19.00. Contact Laura today!

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from Laura Bilotta

Single In The City is a frontrunner in the matchmaking and speed dating industry. Formulated for today’s daters, we’ve brought together hundreds of singles to find their ultimate love and partner. Putting yourself out there and taking advantage of every opportunity to meet new people, ensures you have the best possible chance of meeting that special someone. Why take the risk of not putting yourself out there?

Single In The City knows what it takes to find the right person for you and can support you to get there. With a proven 13 year track record, not only are Single In the City’s GTA & Toronto Speed dating events known for being extremely successful, our matchmaking and coaching services are one of a kind. We pride ourselves on taking a hands on approach to find you the best possible match for you, at extremely affordable rates.

By trying out one of Single In The City’s service’s you no longer have to worry about love being a fantasy, we will help to make it a reality for you.

Watch 5 minute clips from Single in the City’s Talk Show and get some great insight on dating today!

Dating with Children After Divorce
How to find the right person for you

Sex and Dating – When is the right time to have sex
Online Dating Scams – Don’t be a victim
Break-up Recovery Tips – Get over your ex!
Men Tell All – 4 men in studio with their thoughts and perspective on dating and women


“I’ve been working with Laura for about 5 months now. When I first came to her, I was so timid and afraid of girls to be honest. Over time, she has helped me overcome my fears of talking to women and dating in general. Practice makes perfect and I’m getting better at it. I haven’t met the right girl yet, but that’s ok because I’ve been working on myself which I now know is so important in order for me to attract the right partner.”


“Thank you Laura for matching me up with Lucas! We are going on 6 months of dating and things are looking really good. I never thought a matchmaking service could really work and I’m extremely happy that I didn’t have to pay a fortune to meet someone. I will definitely recommend your matchmaking service to others. Don’t worry, I don’t mind telling people I was set up by a matchmaker.” 😉


“It has been 3 years that Geoff and I met at a SITC Toronto Speed dating event, held on Jan 25, 2012. We recommend your event to all we meet, we are so happy and so in love. That singles night was a great experience, we will be married 1 year next month! We just want to say THANK YOU! for hosting a great event. Signed, ‘beyond 4 minutes’… “

Maggie and Rodney

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July 27 Mississauga South Asian Speed Dating

August 24 Toronto Speed Dating Double Event (22-30F/24-32M)

August 24 Toronto Speed Dating Double Event (30-40)

 September 21 Professional Singles Speed Dating

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