6 Signs Your Date Is Lying To You

Questioning if your date is lying to you?

First of all, if your questioning if your date is lying to you, that is pretty much all the information you need to know. If you’re questioning it, […]

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Would You Date Yourself?

Sometimes we can get stuck in cyclical, negative dating patterns. We wonder why we attract the wrong people and why we continue to be heart broken, but never take a second to turn inward and […]

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How To Learn About Yourself Through Bad Dates

Although dating can be tedious at times, especially if you have been single for a while, dating provides an immense opportunity to further your self-growth and learn about yourself.

Going on one bad date after another, […]

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10 Signs You Should Take A Break From Dating

Lost your faith in dating?

Feeling fatigued or overwhelmed with your dating life?

Dating is a journey and sometimes on that journey we need time to recharge our batteries so that we can re approach our dating […]

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20 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

Show up late. Showing up late for a first date demonstrates a lack of regard for the other person.
Ignore your appearance/hygiene. First impressions count. You don’t need to change who you are, but it’s important […]

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4 Things He Is Telling You When He Disappears

So you’ve gone on a few dates with him and you can’t get enough. Even when you’re not together, he’s texting you. He feels strong and present and REALLY into this.

Then one day…

He disappears.

Maybe you […]

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