Wondering If You Have Chemistry? 10 Signs You Have Chemistry With That Date

Are you questioning if you have chemistry with your date?  If you’re questioning it, you probably don’t have it.

Chemistry is a “feeling”. It’s not something you can fake, force or create out of thin air.  It all really comes down to that feeling you have when you’re around that person.

So, how do you know if you have chemistry with that date? Find out by seeing how the following statements resonate with you:

  1. You feel drawn to the person, it’s almost magnetic. Even when you’re apart, you think of them and can’t get enough of them. You want to know more!
  2. You feel comfortable around them. You trust them enough to be yourself and don’t feel judged.
  3. It’s like you have known them before.
  4. Time flies when you’re around them!
  5. You both have this innate ability to read each other. It’s almost as if you can read each other’s minds. When you have chemistry with someone you date, you understand each other.
  6. There is a high emotional connection.
  7. That connection and emotion continues into the bedroom.
  8. Words really cannot express how you feel, it’s just something in the eyes when you look at them.
  9. You want to be close to them.
  10. It’s something that is felt by both parties equally and you feel that.
By sitcadmin | August 20, 2015
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