6 Signs Your Date Is Lying To You

Questioning if your date is lying to you?

First of all, if your questioning if your date is lying to you, that is pretty much all the information you need to know. If you’re questioning it, it’s likely not right to begin with.

However, here are 6 signs your date is lying to you:

  1. They seem nervous when they talk to you/fidget: Asking them what they did last night has them visibly rattled. Why does such a simple, normal conversation question have them looking like they want to bolt out the door?
  2. They avoid eye contact: They seem distracted and refuse to look you in the eye. Their body language is distant.
  3. They avoid answering questions: Their answer to your question is more along the lines of, “My night was good, but more importantly how was your night and what did you get up to?”
  4. They appear to be thinking about what to say next: Their response time is delayed as if they are trying to think ahead of what to say or come up with a story.
  5. They give you complicated answers: You ask them what they did last night, in return, you get this long answer, with no real information in it. For example: “I went out last night with some friends but it was not that fun. I ended up getting junk food on my way home but now I feel really gross.” Is that even an answer?
  6. They act annoyed or get mad that you’re even asking them what they did last night. Maybe they even start questioning you and turning the conversation back on you!

At the end of the day, if your date is picking fights with you, avoiding conversation and giving you limited details about their life, your date is likely lying to you.

Always remember, someone that has nothing to hide, hides nothing.

By sitcadmin | October 13, 2015
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