Am I ready to Date?

We are all looking for that perfect match.  We all want companionship, physical intimacy and love.   But tell me something are you mentally and physically where you want to be?

Ask yourself, Am I ready to date?

How is your health on a scale of 1-10?

  • How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
  • How is your nutrition?
  • Do you feel at your best?
  • Are you confident, happy?
  • Do you practice self love?
  • How is your level of fitness?
  • How well do you take care of yourself mentally and physically?
  • What are your stress levels?
  • How is your weight?
  • How is the quality of your sleep?

Don’t get me wrong love comes in all shapes and sizes, but what is your ideal?  If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin how are you going to portray yourself when meeting your potential partner?  Are you going to be confident, outgoing, comfortable, enthusiastic? Chances are you are not going to be your true self.  So how do you get “date ready”?

First off in order to be healthy and fit we need to address the inner and outer you.

Many of us have tried dieting before, but did it work?  Most of the time it doesn’t and we eventually end up putting the weight back on. The reason most diets don’t work is because they are not balanced, they don’t tackle the core issues of insulin insensitivity.  They focus on deprivation, are short term focused and lack the nutrients our bodies need to work optimally.

There are 3 components to a healthy lifestyle…this is ground breaking stuff people, so get ready for it…Nutrition, Exercise and Supplementation!  By following these 3 basic components it will help you control your weight, combat health conditions/disease, improve your mood, boost your energy and get you sleeping better.  It really can be that easy, but in order to make a true lifestyle change you need to be mentally prepared.

Sometimes when you think about your health and wellness goals you can feel very overwhelmed and unmotivated.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve your goals, however having a coach to help you along the way can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Are ready to make a lifestyle change? Do you want to be healthier, shed-unwanted weight, have more energy and tone up?  It starts with you!  It’s about making small changes over time, shifting your lifestyle and staying motivated.

For maximum results reach out to someone who can help you set goals, develop a plan, set your plan in motion and keep you motivated to reach your goals.

Here are a few tips to get you started

  • Eliminate sugar, dairy, white and processed foods
  • Create space between meals, eat enough
  • Get active, join a gym, go for a run, yoga, etc.
  • Start your morning with a freshly squeezed lemon and water
  • Take your vitamins (but do your research, there is a lot of garbage out there)
  • Build up your digestive system so your body can break down and eliminate waste
  • Probiotics are great to improve digestion, reduce bloating and improve your immune system.

If you are not where you want to be physically your confidence is going to lack. The worst thing is going on a date and not feeling your absolute best. Don’t you want to feel sexy and fit when you could be potentially meeting the man or women of your dreams?

So before you can even think about getting back into the dating scene and attracting the right person into your life,  you need to ask youself, Am I ready to date?

Eating right, exercising and supplementation will help you feel better, build confidence and mentally you will feel ready to take on the day and your date. You have to love yourself first before you can enter into a positive relationship.  Are you ready for love? Do you love yourself? I am here to help you get to the place you want to be! I am here to provide you with tips on how to be a better version of you.

My passion is helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Having been in the industry for over 7 years now, I have had great success with many clients. If you are ready mentally to get healthy, I can provide you with all the tools to get where you want to be.  In the meantime watch out for my #HealthyTips!



By sitcadmin | June 19, 2015
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