Any Gentlemen or Just Selfish, Clueless and Hopeless Romantics?

It’s a Saturday night and I was invited by my friend Violet to the hockey game at the ACC. We had platinum seats given to us by her ex husband who’s a scalper here in Toronto. Once we got to the game, she introduced me to another scalper friend Gino. He told me I was beautiful as he eyed me up and down uncomfortably like I was naked or something. He then turned around and traded our gold seats for Platinum seats: a friendly, gentleman like gesture. Would he have traded the seats if he knew he could sell them? Probably not, but, he could have also given them to someone else. During the 1st period break on our way to the Platinum Lounge for a drink we walked by the Philadelphia locker room when out came a Philadelphia player. It was a moment of pure pleasure and excitement for me but it didn’t help that I forgot to think before I spoke!

I blurted out “What can I get you, anything?” and he replies, “A blow job”. Whaaaaat? I’m thinking, now that was pure class, but, I guess I walked into that one. As I’m waiting for Violet outside of the bathroom, I notice a cute guy looking at me so I play along with him to see where it takes me. I give him the hand signal to wait a minute. When I came back from the bathroom, 2nd period had started and he was gone. I came back down for the next break and there he was so I went up to say hi. I gave him my number and he sent me a text later that night saying that the ball was in my court if we wanted to meet up again. In my court? Why would the ball be in my court, where the heck are your balls? This led me to believe that he may have some insecurity issues and that’s a big no no, especially, for someone who owns a dating company (Single in the City). After the game was over Violet and I were walking out deciding where to go when this really cute guy named Chris approached me and said “I think love you”. I said, “You love me? What do you love about me?” he says “I don’t know, but, come meet up with me for a drink”. We decided to meet up with Chris and his friend at the Loose Moose. Call me crazy but I call it spontaneity.

The UFC was on and the bar was busy. Chris say’s “Let’s go get a drink”, but he didn’t move from where he was standing. I had to approach the bar and ask him if he wanted a drink and he says to me, “You order yours and I’ll get mine afterwards”. Whaaaaaat? Is this guy for real? He approaches me, invites me for a drink and then makes me buy my own. How does he not know that he looks like a complete and unclassy fool? Any smart girl with dignity would run for the hills. I wanted to give him some professional advice but I just couldn’t be bothered. We later went by another bar where we met up with some guys we knew. They kept offering us drinks which was very kind but not mandatory of course. One of them named Jim was pointing at some woman who he had sex with a little while ago and was explaining how she saw him at a bar and lost it on him for being a man whore. He is a man whore loves to play around to see how many women he can get to lust after him and he’s 43, that’s the sad part. If we can expect this from men at 43, what do you think the poor 25 year old girls are getting these days?

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