Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Being Single on Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck

Single on Valentine’s Day; the stereotype is constantly presented in media; a woman crying alone into her ice cream: Bridget Jones style. But that doesn’t have to be your reality! Valentine’s Day is a day about love; we often only think about love romantically but it’s so much more than that. Familial, platonic and self love are so often pushed to the side but they’re just as important. Here are the things that can make being single on Valentine’s Day special this year:

Pamper yourself: Make it an all about me day. Spend the day treating yourself to indulgences, things that make you feel good and bring you excitement. Indulge solo or invite a single friend. Have a cool co-workerbeing single in valentine's day or acquaintance? Ask them to join you, making new friends as an adult is hard but there’s nothing like being single on Valentine’s Day to bring people together. Making single friends will benefit your life long after Valentine’s Day, having someone to go to events and hit the town with can do wonders for your dating life.

Focus On You!

Don’t compare yourself to others: There are plenty of people that would love to trade places with you and celebrate Valentine’s Day solo, or are disappointed by the plans they have. The Grass is always greener on the other side and thinking about it will only make you miserable. It’s easy to become jealous of friends in committed relationships, but being bitter about them won’t make being single on Valentine’s Day any better.

There are people that could use support: Leading up to and on Valentine’s Day there are lots of places you can lend your support; cards for veterans, visiting seniors, and volunteering at women’s shelters. There are so many opportunities to help out and make a difference in someone’s life.

Being single on Valentine's dayDon’t throw yourself a pity party: Confident people who love themselves attract other people. If you’re wallowing in self pity about being single on Valentine’s Day than you can’t expect anyone to see past that. If you learn to love yourself you’ll be opening yourself up to new relationships where you can give your whole self.

Stay off Tinder: Even if you’re just looking for a hookup it’s best to avoid Tinder on Valentine’s Day. Chances are it will be awkward and make you feel crappy.

Order delivery: Restaurants are going to be packed full of couples; skip the lines and PDA and order in instead. If you’re hanging out with a group of friends it’s a different story but I prefer to avoid the chaos all together.

Stay away from your ex: The most important thing to remember on Valentine’s Day is to stay away from your ex, don’t call or text them and definitely don’t look at their social media. It can be incredibly hard to resist these urges, even on regular days but everyone will be happier if you stay away from your ex, remember, you broke up for a reason.

By sitcadmin | February 12, 2018
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