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The Life of Jana Webb: Real Housewives of Toronto Star

Maintaining a healthy relationship takes a lot of work. But if you are trying to run a successful business, manage being in the spotlight and maintain a healthy relationship like our special guest Jana Webb […]

Being Assertive in the Wake of #MeToo

#MeToo Has Been a Long Time Coming
Every day there’s a news item about the #MeToo movement. Some are calling it a witch hunt (mostly men, 100 French celebrities, and a Canadian journalist) false accusations are […]

Sexual Assault & Date Rape: It Can Happen to Anyone

The news has been filled with recent reveals of the sexual assault and harassment young women have been facing in the entertainment industry. Sexual harassment is a chilling but important topic to discuss since 1 […]

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Social Media and Relationships: Connections in the Digital Age

Social media seems to run our world today – allowing us to make connections all over the world from personal accounts to corporate profiles. But is social media harming us and stopping us from making […]

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New Reality, New Rules:
A Work in Progress
I’m going to have to get serious here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the huge shift that is finally taking shape, you’ve noticed it; Sexual Abuse will […]

Is Virtual Reality Dating the Next Big Trend?

Is Virtual Reality Dating really the future?
When we join a dating website or sign up for a dating app, we are asked to describe ourselves and list the qualities a potential match MUST possess. Sometimes […]

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Eco Friendly Green Singles

Last week I got a free $100 gift certificate to try Eco Friendly Dry Cleaners in Oakville Ontario, and it inspired me to think about being green and what my business could do to help […]

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Single in the City at the 2016 National Women’s Show

Single in the City was at the 2016 National Women’s Show
On Saturday November 5th, at 11:45 am Laura Bilotta the CEO of Single in the City was honoured to provide on-stage entertainment at the National Women’s […]

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