Dating in Toronto: Why You Should Try Speed Dating

I recently had the enormous pleasure of helping host a Single In The City speed dating event in Oakville, Ontario.

Single in the City is known for hosting speed dating events in Toronto and all over the GTA, however, having never attended a speed dating event before, I did not know what to expect. I can 100% say I was extremely impressed with the turnout and the vibe of the event. I came away from the night wanting to implore more singles to try out speed dating in Toronto at least once.

Why should you try speed dating in Toronto?

Dating in Toronto is not always easy. Sure there are times when you happen to meet someone out at a club, bar, or maybe the grocery store, but for the majority of people, those relationships are short lived. Finding that special someone sometimes feels like trying to spot a unicorn (Will it ever happen?). For those dating in Toronto, some struggle to overcome their busy schedules and find time to “put themselves out there.” For other’s, it is difficult to meet new people outside their social circle and some don’t know even know where to meet new local singles.

Speed dating in Toronto is a great way to meet 10-15 Toronto singles in one night. Another great part about speed dating in Toronto is, everyone is there looking to meet new people to date, therefore you don’t have to spend time working up the courage to approach them or wondering if they’re single.

Here are 5 more reasons why you should try speed dating in Toronto:

  1. Dating to maximize your time: Speed dating in Toronto is an opportunity to meet a wide range of local singles in a short amount of time (typically two hours). How often do you get a chance to go on multiple dates in one night? If you struggle with a busy professional life or are having difficulties meeting new people in your social circle, speed dating provides the perfect arena for local, professional singles to explore potential partnerships.
  2. You’re not stuck with them: Speed dating dates generally last about 4-5 minutes in length; therefore if you don’t click with someone, you’re only stuck with them for a few minutes before you’re on to your next date! There is no awkward trying to “get out of a date” moment. The dates are designed to give you just enough time to determine chemistry and if you would want to go out with the person again.
  3. The feeling has to be mutual: You have to choose each other in order to get the other person’s contact information after the speed dating event. Matches are posted within 24 hours on the website. This is great because you don’t have to second guess whether your date liked you or not. All the ambiguity that can be plagued by first dates is taken out of the equation with speed dating in Toronto.
  4. The date is affordable: Typically it’s $35-45 dollars to attend a speed dating event in Toronto. Going on dates can be extremely expensive, especially if you have been dating a long time and have developed a rut of going out with the wrong people. When you think about the cost of a typical date, with speed dating in Toronto, you don’t have to worry about paying a large tab at the end of a date.
  5. The night is still young: Event’s generally go until 9:30-10 pm at night. You get to start off the night by meeting a great group of local singles and then head out on the town…or perhaps extend the night with a new love interest.

First dates can be excruciating and nerve racking at times. Speed dating in Toronto creates a relaxed first date setting to support you in your quest to find love.

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By sitcadmin | July 22, 2015
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