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So many people doubt their ability to even plan a date, let alone muster the courage to ask someone out. Over the years we have curated valuable dating tips and advice that we want to share with you. We have many resources and experience honing in on the fundamental issues that make people uncomfortable with the whole dating process.

Our dating tips are derived through our own experiences as well as stories from bad date ‘survivors,’ these stories are sometimes shocking, other times hilarious, but we’ve been able to drill down to the root causes of issues facing everyone in the dating world, and are confident that our relationship advice can help you navigate the choppy waters of the dating pool.

Falling in love can make us feel very vulnerable, that feeling should NOT be made worse by feeling ill-prepared for the dating dance. Helping you find the right partner is what this blog is all about, I believe you will find the answers you’re looking for on these pages as well as the pages of my forthcoming book “Single in the City” due out February 7, 2017.  I also believe that there’s somebody out there for everyone, check in regularly for updates and more dating tips.

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Relationship Comparison: Are You Comparing Everyone to Your Ex?

When we begin to date again, it can be easy to fall into the trap of comparing new love interests to your ex. It makes sense – you’re looking at someone who could potentially fill […]

The Five Love Languages: The Secret to a Lasting Relationship

Today, I want to talk about the different ways we give and receive love, widely known today as the five love languages. Basically, this is the way we communicate our love for our partner. The […]

Sex, Masks + Dating During COVID

Meeting new people, dating and intimacy have never been stranger than in 2020. Dating during COVID has definitely changed the way that we approach meeting new people, the way we get to know each other, […]

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Getting Treatment at Cornerstone Physiotherapy in Burlington

Like many of you, I’ve taken time during the global pandemic to work on myself. I’m strengthening my mind and body. I’ve doubled my morning workout and gotten a whole lot smarter about targeting specific […]

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The Difference Between Chemistry and Compatibility

Although chemistry and compatibility may seem like interchangeable terms, I can assure you that they are vastly different. And if you want to discern whether or not a relationship will be successful long-term, it’s important […]

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Situationships and How to Get Out of Them

2020 is a weird time to be dating. We’re not just ”single” or “in a relationship;” we often have go-to hookup partners, maybe a friend with benefits, or most confusing of all, situationships.

Situationships are essentially […]

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New Relationships: How to Stop Sabotaging Them

New relationships are exciting. We all know that familiar feeling of finally meeting someone great. You feel alive with possibility, with the knowledge that someone awesome likes you and wants to get to know you. […]

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How to Get Over Relationship FOMO

FOMO: a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, as an event or an opportunity (via

FOMO, which is the acronym for the “Fear Of Missing Out,” can plague […]

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How to Date Safely as Economy Re-Opens | Singleinthecity

As regulations begin to relax, meeting up in person is finally an option, if executed safely. This is great news for those who are ready to move past video chat dating and start building an […]

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Single in the City Launches Virtual Speed Dating Across Canada

Single in the City is now hosting Virtual Speed Dating Events across Canada
Life as we know it has shifted dramatically. As we all stay home to help curb the spread of COVID-19, many of us […]

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