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As regulations begin to relax, meeting up in person is finally an option, if executed safely. This is great news for those who are ready to move past video chat dating and start building an in-person connection. We as humans crave social interaction, after all.

Of course, it’s important to weight risk against reward, and prioritize safe practices if you do plan to meet up with someone.

  1. Be choosy with who you meet up with

Don’t meet up with someone you’ve been talking to for only 48 hours. Take the time to get to know them first – getting to know someone initially over video chat is a great way to discern if they are truly compatible with you. Use this opportunity to be choosy and ensure that they are worth your time.

  1. Have a conversation

If you are interested in taking the next step and meeting up with someone you’ve been dating virtually, it’s important to first have a candid conversation. What are your boundaries? What are their boundaries? Communicate what you’re ok with and what you aren’t. Be mindful, respect their wishes, and don’t compromise your own beliefs.

  1. Ask yourself the necessary questions

Before you meet up with someone, it’s important to ask yourself the hard questions. Are you immunocompromised? Are you sharing a household with someone who is immunocompromised? Have you been following the rules? Do you wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently? Who have you come into contact with? Have you – in any form – put others at risk? And by meeting up with this person, could you be putting others at risk?

  1. Consider getting tested

If you want to ensure your safety, consider getting tested, and consider asking the person you’re seeing to do the same. It’s the biggest precaution you can take, and may be just the thing to give you the peace of mind you need before meeting up with someone.

  1. Determine your physical boundaries

Perhaps you want to meet with someone, but want to keep your distance. Or maybe you’re not comfortable with kissing someone yet. Whatever you feel, honour it. Communicate your boundaries, and don’t give in if someone tries to pressure you into getting physical. You are entitled to your boundaries.

By sitcadmin | June 16, 2020
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