Is He Into Me Or Not? 10 Signs He’s Not Into You

This is the ultimate question. But really if you’re asking this question, do you think you may already have the answer?

Typically when a guy is into you, you won’t have to ask, Is he into me or not?

Next time you’re questioning, Is he into me or not?, here are are 10 signs he’s not into you:

  1. He only makes time for you during the week, weekends are for him and his boys. If he does come over on the weekend it is reminiscent of a late night booty call.
  2. He’s hesitant to introduce you to his friends, let alone introduce you to his family.
  3. He goes MIA for days at a time. He either doesn’t text you back or doesn’t follow up with you for days/weeks.
  4. He doesn’t make plans. All your plans seem to be spontaneous, last minute and on his time. He cancels often.
  5. His words and actions don’t add up. He says a lot of great things to you but his actions leave you wondering if he likes you.
  6. You can see that he is constantly liking other girl’s photos or adding multiple girl’s on his social media.
  7. His online dating profile is still active.
  8. He refuses or makes excuses about why he’s not ready to commit to you. He may have been fresh out of a relationship a few months ago, but if you’re relationship is not moving forward and he is still not moving towards commitment with you, he’s not ready and/or not into you.
  9. Everything seems to be on his terms. He always wants you to come to his place and never makes the effort to come to yours. Your relationship is completely on his terms and you feel like you’re just along for the ride.
  10. You relationship is predominantly about sex.

BONUS: You have a bad gut feeling and you’re constantly wondering where you stand.

The best advice I can give you if you’re questioning, Is He Into Me Or Not? is to be honest with yourself and communicate with him. Ask him where you stand; there is no harm in communication. If he can’t even give you that, you have your answer.

By sitcadmin | July 21, 2015
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