How to Keep the Fun in Your Relationship

Remember those feelings you had when your relationship was new and everything was exciting – you were just getting to know each other, learning the special things about the other person and enjoying this fun new phase. This feeling doesn’t have to go away, and there are lots of ways to keep that fun in your relationship.

How to keep the fun in your relationship:

  • Embrace your inner child. Try fun, silly activities like building a pillow fort and having a movie night. It keeps things interesting!
  • Schedule regular date nights. Make time to have a date night here and there and take turns coming up with the plan for the evening. Keep it a surprise if you can – this keeps things fresh!
  • Surprise them from time to time. Who doesn’t like a fun surprise now and then? It can be something simple like picking up their favourite treat or coming home with flowers.
  • Be open and vocal about your feelings. Keep chatting and share things that are going on in your life outside of your relationship!
  • Set some goals together that you can both work towards. Think about a fun challenge that you can both take on and work towards it. You can put a little competitive spin on it too!
  • Leave cute notes for them to find. Write them saucy little notes and leave them in places that you know they’ll find them, like in a notebook or a coat pocket. It’s a fun little surprise that shows you’re thinking about them.
  • Show interest in the things they’re passionate about. If your partner is into something that you don’t know too much about, ask them about it. Show interest and get them to share more about it and why they’re into it!
  • Explore something new with them, like a new hobby you can both do or a spot you’ve always wanted to visit.

I hope that these tips can help you to keep the fun in your relationship! What other ways do you like to do this?

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By sitcadmin | April 20, 2021
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