Living in a busy world makes it exceptionally difficult for people to find romance. This is why online dating is becoming increasingly popular. According to statistics, 40 million people in the US use the services of online dating sites.

Approximately 160,000 Canadians have found love online. One big question remains: should people look for romance the traditional way or should they rely on technical innovations?

It is interesting to point out that 69 percent of the Canadians believe that Canadian dating sites cannot help them discover love. Busy people have several alternatives. Romance at the workplace or looking for love at the gym are two options.

Workplace affairs tend to end quite awkwardly and these should be avoided whenever possible. Many people tend to find similar minded individuals at the gym, which can often result in a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Yet, the power of online dating sites is undeniable. People live in a hectic world and they lack the time to socialize and enjoy leisure activities. Online dating deals with such problems, minimizing the time wasted on embarrassing first dates and unsuitable affairs.

The truth is that a universal formula is missing. Some people are happy to discover a soul mate at the gym. Others prefer the anonymity and comfort that online dating sites have to offer. Each option has the potential to work out. It all depends on expectations and romantic criteria.

Question of the day: Have you ever found love at the gym or your workplace?