Sometimes, dating needs to be a little bit more like a job search. Think of online dating sites as your Human Resources (HR) department. Someone has to be the first line of defense to weed out all the people who just simply aren’t what you’re looking for. Busy professionals don’t have the time to go to bars and hope that the night won’t be a total waste of time. Or even worse, they meet someone who isn’t as serious about starting a relationship as they are. We all know that type.

So if you want to filter out the serial charmers and, even worse, the “singles” who aren’t even actually single, use online dating sites to begin your search for love. While it’s true that the number one concern people often have with dating sites is misrepresentation, Single in the City provides one of a kind events for speed dating in Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville and more. By going to our events you’ll be able to verify if the people you met on the site are the real deal. Remember, if people aren’t using online dating sites for legitimate reasons, they probably won’t come out to public events and risk blowing their cover.

Dating can be time consuming and challenging. Why not have someone else do a lot of the initial leg work for you? If you’ve tried numerous of Online Dating Sites and have had no luck and frankly just tired of searching, you should consider joining Single in the City’s Matchmaking Service for only $150.

Question of the day: Have you found online dating sites to save you time?