Questioning Your Interest In Them? Call It Quits

It’s one thing to give your date a second chance to see if there’s anything beyond those first date jitters. But when it comes to dragging on something that isn’t meant to be, is just a waste of your date’s time and a precious waste of your own time.

Let me put it this way, if you have to question it, it’s likely not right.

Call it quits.

Don’t force something with someone that isn’t meant to be. Yes, it can be lonely being single some days and of course you want to give your date enough of a chance to determine true compatibility, but if you’re truly questioning your interest in them, call it quits.

Afraid of hurting your date’s feelings? It really isn’t hurtful to set your date free to meet someone that they will have a real connection with. You’re doing them a favour and yourself a favour. Ultimately, your date will respect your ability to communicate openly and honestly, even if they don’t understand it immediately. If roles were reversed, wouldn’t you want someone to let you go? Every person deserves love and to be loved, if you’re questioning even your level of interest, it’s time to let that person go.

Afraid of making a mistake? There are no mistakes. Repeat that, there are no mistakes. Dating is a learning process. Listening to your gut when you’re questioning your true level of interest will never steer you wrong. Your date could be super attractive, amazingly smart, nothing has to be wrong with them for you to not have a true connection or level of interest.

Holding on to someone who you deep down know isn’t right for you, can be the ultimate loneliness. Don’t subject yourself to the possibility of living a life that doesn’t quite measure up to your inner desires. Set that that person free and allow yourself to be available to meet someone that you’re truly interested in, no question.

Call it quits.



By sitcadmin | September 23, 2015
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