Signs of a Cheater: How to Spot Red Flags in a Relationship

Signs of a cheater can be subtle yet telling, leaving you with a sense of unease in your relationship.

Relationships can be both exciting and tricky to navigate. Sometimes, though, things don’t feel quite right, and you start to wonder if your partner might be cheating. In this guide, we’ll talk about five clear signs that could indicate infidelity in a relationship. By recognizing these warning signs and approaching the situation with confidence, you can make better decisions about what to do next. Whether you’re feeling uncertain or just need some reassurance, these insights will help you understand what’s going on and how to handle it.

Here are 5 HUGE signs of a cheater:

  1. They spend less time with you. Be careful with this one, your partner may just be busy; life has a way of taking over at times and relationships have natural ebbs and flows. However, there is a very clear pull back that happens when someone is cheating. It happens energetically, before you even see the clear signs of a cheater sometimes. If your partner is no longer making time for you and is always making excuses to avoid that time with you, it’s a good queue to talk to them.
  2. They’re not having sex with you. This applies especially to the men in your life, if they’re not into having sex with you or have flat out stopped having sex with you; they’re likely getting it somewhere else.
  3. They hide their phone from you. Do they ensure you don’t have a direct line of sight to who they’re texting? Is it out of character for your partner to leave the room when someone calls, yet they have been doing this lately?
  4. They disappear. Are there times when you can’t get a hold of them or they don’t have a lot to say when it comes to what they have been up to that day/week etc.?
  5. Your gut tells you something is wrong. This is the biggest indicator and sign you’re being cheated on. When you know something is wrong, trust it.

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you but do not have proof, talk to them in a non accusatory manner.

Some good conversation starters are:

“I have noticed you’ve been super busy lately and wanted to check in because I would love to spend some more time with you.”

In this example, without evidence you really can’t come at the person with accusations. Communicating that you have noticed a change and want to spend more time with them is important. It’s how they react to this one that will be telling. Are they willing to make the effort to spend more time with you? If not, you have your answer. Let this one go.

Another example:

“Things feel different between us, we don’t spend time together anymore or have sex. It makes me feel worried when I don’t hear back from you. I wanted to talk to you about it to get your perspective on how you think things are going.”

The more bold approach for some:

“I have been feeling very uncomfortable with how our relationship has been going lately. I may be totally off base but I have been concerned you’re seeing someone else. It’s important to me that we can be totally honest with each other.”

These are just examples of conversation starters, however it’s important to always approach the communication with focus on how the situation is making YOU feel. Be honest and as clear as possible. Don’t be worry about looking needy. If you’re feeling unsure, you have every right to ask your partner what is going on. The right partner will be open to the communication and be willing to work on things. They will not feel threatened by the conversation.

Use these signs of a cheater paired with your own unique discretion and intuition. If they’re cheating, it always comes out in the end. It’s just a matter of time.



By sitcadmin | July 30, 2015
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