As with most festive holidays in this day and age, we have somehow twisted and turned an ancient custom into an excuse for parties, treats and dressing up. Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” is actually an ancient Celtic tradition marking the end of harvest, the start of winter and the one day of the year when it was believed that spirits could come back from the dead. To avoid being recognized by a roaming ghost (like your great aunt who wants to know why you pawned that ring she left for you), people would wear masks upon leaving their homes after dark.

So what does your mask actually say about you? Well in theory on Halloween people generally dress up as either someone they want to be like (a super hero) or someone they want to make fun of (Snookie). For single people, their costume selection on Halloween is even more important. At singles Halloween parties your costume is always your first impression. Everything about your costume is being analyzed including lack of effort (you are a doctor and you dress up as one)or too much effort (you hand stitched and dyed your whole outfit).

So if you are single on Halloween, plan on going to a party and want to actually maybe meet someone, take a little time to think about your costume. Here is what your costume could say about you:

Your Basic Superhero:

  • You have morals and you want to save the world, that’s great. If you have a rock hard body or cute figure then yes maybe you can pull off a full body suit of spandex, if not, think twice about this one.

A Completely Unknown Superhero or Comic Book Character:

  • You’re most recent date was as an avatar and currently you live in your mother’s basement. You think your “different” costume makes you interesting but in fact it makes you seem kind of weird.

An Undeterminable Costume:

  • You paint yourself orange, wear a pointed grey hat and call yourself a pencil. A great way to get someone talking to you, but not so great if all they are saying the same thing: “what are you supposed to be?”.

A Sexy Nurse, Sexy Teacher, Sexy Fairy, etc.:

  • Sexy is good, slutty is not and the line is a fine one. Does everyone get to see your lady parts if the wind blows the wrong way? Think about that when trying on this costume. Remember to stay classy; otherwise that guy talking to you all night won’t be your next relationship, only your next bed-buddy.

Witch, A Ghost, A Pumpkin:

  • You lack some serious creativity or you’ve had the same costume since you were 10. Don’t do this, unless it is sexy – see sexy outfit advice above.

Your Profession:

  • A teacher, a doctor, a nurse or anything you do as a job. You could be so busy that you just didn’t have time (maybe a good thing? Especially if you are dressed as a doctor) OR maybe you are just lazy and no fun.

A Homemade Costume:

  • You throw a sheet over your head and call yourself a ghost or in other words you are cheap, boring and I don’t want to go out with you.

A Vampire or Freaky Goth:

  • You are mysterious and kind of sexy in that I’m into fetishism kind of way.

So before you decide what you are going to be this Halloween, take into consideration who you want to attract. Even on Halloween you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Question of the day: What was your Halloween costume this year?