Hello SITC’ers! In light of my previous blog regarding dating stories, a friend told me an amusing story about a first encounter she had not too long ago that I thought I would share with you!

Preparing for her date, Jeannie (name has been changed to protect the innocent), was not feeling overly well; however it was a little late to be cancelling on the poor chap. So being the good sport that she was, she pulled herself together and mustered up the energy to go.

Perhaps the initial red flag was the fact that he (aka John Doe) looked nothing like his profile picture. Let this be a lesson, recent photos are generally recommended – pictures from 20 years ago…not so much. Already, Jeannie is a little put off, but she smiled and pulled her own chair out to sit at the table (red flag number 2). At this point, she was already one foot out the door. Misleading photo and no manners…terrific, she thought. They received their menus and with the usual idle chit chat the date continued on whilst they pondered over the appetizer selection. The waitress arrived to take their order in which he turned to Jeannie and asked, “Fish Tacos?”. Instantly her stomach turned; the nausea that she had been fighting was awake! She placed her hand on the table and politely implored, “Please no, the thought of that and the smell would not sit well in my stomach today. I sincerely apologize but would you mind if we ordered something else?”

The waitress waited a moment and John turned to her and said “Well I am having the fish tacos!”, and closed the menu with oomph and a smirk. The waitress turned to Jeannie and asked with wide eyes “and for you?” to which she responded “I will pass” and politely returned the menu. Jeannie noted that the waitress walked away shaking her head in obvious disbelief at the tenacity of her not-so-great date! After more useless conversation in which John continued his pompous chatter, Jeannie excused herself from the table to head to the ladies room. As she walked towards the back where the bathrooms were, the waitress approached her and said the she would be happy to show her where the back door was if she wanted to escape. Jeannie laughed and said “thank you, you read my mind”, and out she went.

This was not a situation in which “the big one got away”, it was more like, “throw it back in the sea.”

If you want to make a good impression on a first date, it is probably best to be mindful of the person you are out with and if kindly asked not to, don’t order the fish tacos!