“Put yourself out there.” you’ll often hear said while receiving dating advice from married friends. They’re right. The laws of probability suggest that the more people you meet the more likely you are to meet the right person. Speed dating allows you to meet several likeminded singles in one night. 

Oh, what’s that? You’re perfectly fine with being single, even though Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away? That’s great! 

We all have points in our lives when being single is the best option. If you love your single self, all the power to you! 

But, when you’re ready to date again, whether it be this Valentine’s Day or next, speed dating is a brilliant option – a terrific method for meeting intriguing singles in your city. 

Consider this: A Speed Date session is one of the best ways to put yourself out there and find someone great! I’ll explain. 

Speed Date Events are a great option for singles:

At a speed dating event with Single In The City you will meet several like-minded profesional singles in one night. Talk about optimizing your options. Sure, you could spend hours at the bar hoping Mr. Right buys you a drink and charms you into sharing your phone number. That works, sometimes. If you’re looking for Mr. Right, the bar is a good option, however, at the bar you may just end up finding Mr. Drunk or Mr. Married, again. Another late night, all for nothing. Oh my, this drunk fool has asked me my name four times now. Go away! 

Speed Date participants are actually serious about finding someone:

Do you find you take dating a little more serious than your most recent online prospects? The Internet; who’s really on the other end of that chat and what are their true intentions?  

The typical crowd at a Single In The City event is genuinely available and looking to meet someone, unlike the online time-consumers and ego-strokers, or the bar-scene night-wasters who wait until 2:00 AM to say: “Thanks for the drinks, but I have a boyfriend, and I have to go now. See you never.” 

People who go speed dating tend to be much more serious about their intentions to meet someone great and start a relationship. Furthermore, it’s easy to create an account online and play Message Man from the couch at every commercial break, but the guys and gals who show up at Single in the City’s speed dating events care enough about finding someone to dress up, leave the house, and engage in conversation. It’s a mature crowd. 

Speed Dating is Best if you’re busy:

 Work consumes all of us, these days. The boss breathes down our necks as we live a life of deadlines, meetings, overtime, and then more deadlines. Most of the GTA’s finest available singles are among the busiest, with great jobs, albeit demanding ones. These singles have time to spend with a significant other; it is finding the time to locate that great partner that is difficult, and even discouraging every now and again. 

If you’re a busy body, speed dating really works for you. At a Single In The City speed dating event you will meet anywhere from 12 to 20 people in a night. Mingle, face-to-face, where you can feel out a personal connection or lack thereof. Either way, time wasting is not on the menu.  

A Speed Date puts you face-to-face with other singles from your area:

“I’ve loved her from the moment I saw her picture on the Internet” – said no one ever. Listen, online dating has its strengths, but one of its biggest misconceptions is that it’s great for busy people. Sounds like it would be because to partake in online dating you’re not required to leave your house, dress up, or engage in a full date until you’ve qualified a candidate based on text messages, emails, and potentially old pictures. But the end-game – finding someone – is not exactly a timeless endeavour. To be successful online you’ll spend hours playing message tag and in all likelihood you could end up on several bad dates before you find someone who is right for you. Not exactly a time efficient process for everyone. 

And then, there’s that bad blind date: you’re sitting across the table thinking how do I get out of this? Sound familiar? “Um, I have to go… I just remembered I have to um… pick up my sister at the airport.” 

Speed dating is less time demanding – it takes up a few hours of your life, and in those few hours you’ll talk with real people, face-to-face, in five minute conversations. If there is a spark, you’ll know. If there isn’t, time is up pretty quickly and you move on to the next potential magical connection.  

A Speed Date session is affordable but not free:

Single In The City’s speed dating events are reasonably and strategically priced – just expensive enough to scare away the cheapskates, but not overly priced. 

Actually, the price of participation at one event is cheaper than a blind date, guys. Much cheaper. Where else can you get 12 to 20 dates for $35 to $50? Nowhere really, think of about it: Chances are at least one person you meet is worth getting to know if you put yourself out there and give speed dating a try.  Look for a speed dating event in your city!

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