Does the royal wedding make you want to believe in love ever after or not? It’s hard to forget the disaster of a marriage that was Diana and Charles, but I think that this new royal couple has longevity on their side. One main difference is the amount of time they have spent getting to know each other. Whereas Charles and Diana only “dated” for several months, these two have now spent years together. They also passed the most important test… living together, which can often spell the end for even the most romantic of relationships. The royals have officially moved into the 21st century when it comes to the allowances of “living in sin” before marriage. Too bad it took such an awful disaster for them to realize that pressured marriages are not the best way to go.

I particularly like that after many years of tradition the vows were altered to be be more appropriate to today’s day and age. Kate will not vow to “obey” her husband, instead she will love, honour and keep him. Overall I think the wedding was a nice mix between traditional and modern, her dress was classic and elegant and even though the whole thing was 3 hours long (I DVR’d and fast forwarded to the good part) it was worth watching. At the very least it provided us with something happy to focus on for one day rather than all the shootings and disasters we normally hear about. Makes true love seem entirely possible.

Oh and my vote, Prince Harry for the next Bachelor… now that would be a season to watch!

Question of the day: Did you watch the royal wedding? What did you think?