The Top 6 Dating Mistakes Men And Women Make

For the purpose of this article I have used the words “ dating mistakes.” Although, I don’t believe we can really ever entirely mess it up with the right person, I do believe there are things men and women do while dating that can certainly make their dating process a lot less fun and rewarding.

So, what are the major dating mistakes men and women often overlook?

3 Dating Mistakes Women Make

  1. Unrealistic expectations. Do you go from first date to wedding bells immediately in your head after going on a few dates with a guy? Not being able to live in the moment with him and let the relationship organically unfold can be stifling to new relationships. It’s great to think about the future but ensure you really get to know the guy first, before you decide if he’s marriage material.
  2. You pretend to be something you’re not. Of course in the initial stages of dating we’re on our best behaviour so to speak, but are you still being true to yourself? Are you acting/dressing how you normally would? Pretending to be someone you’re not is a waste of your time and your dates time. It’s important for you to let this guy get to know the real you, you want someone who is going to love you for you.
  3. Losing yourself in the relationship. Women are nurturers by nature. Sometimes there’s a tendency to get so wrapped up in the relationship that you loose yourself in the process.  As a result, your life ends up being about the partnership. It’s important you’re still doing things for you, that you love and enjoy.

3 Dating Mistakes Men Make

  1. You make her feel unsafe. Are you someone she can rely on? Are your words and actions consistent? Do you disappear on her from time to time? Women who feel unsafe start to question the relationship. Consistency is everything to a woman. If you ask her out on a date, show up and show up on time. It’s quite simple, follow through with your word and show up for her.
  2. You don’t make time for her. Transitioning from the single life to dating and eventually a relationship, can be difficult for some. With the right girl, it should feel relatively easy to give up some of that old “weekend friend time” to spend time with her. Showing up at her place late at night after going out with the boys or only hanging out with her during the week is going to breed doubt in her head about you.
  3. You don’t communicate. Communication is huge for women. Be present and communicate with her as best you can. If you want a weekend with your friends, just let her know. It’s actually simpler then a lot of men think in their head. In actuality, managing expectations upfront is the best thing you can do for a woman.
By sitcadmin | August 27, 2015
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