Fitness Singles

Meet other Singles who enjoy Fitness

Single in the City is one of the only singles events company in Canada offering events for fitness minded singles.

This feature event is targeted at all you singles interested in speed dating in Toronto or surrounding areas who also enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re a gym junkie, love participating in sports or outdoor activities or just feel that staying active and fit are an important part of your lifestyle, this is your opportunity to meet other like-minded singles. Of course we don’t mean that you have to have 10% body fat or look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you do have to be active & want to meet someone who shares the same mind set.

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Exercise gives you endorphins. People who exercise get more endorphins and endorphins make you happy. That’s why Speed Dating for Fitness Singles is the event to attend for singles who want to increase their health and their happiness.

It’s been proven: fit singles are happier, healthier, stronger, and more attractive than the average person. If you put in the effort to stay fit, then you deserve someone who shares your values.

“I attend Speed Dating for Fitness Singles because I’m not interested in dating a couch potato” said one single lady who attends our events. “I want to meet a stud, not a spud.” (“spud” is another word for “potato”, for those of you who aren’t farmers)

You may not be a couch potato, but you could easily find yourself sitting at the computer all night, seven nights a week, looking for fellow fitness-loving singles, and only reading things that aren’t true. Why let yourself turn into a computer potato? If fitness is your thing, if you like to run, jump, bike and be on the move, then you have a need for speed – speed dating, that is.

Fitness is a lifestyle, and that’s why we’re introducing a new type of speed dating for those of you who want to be matched up with singles who share similar fitness goals. This isn’t just random people showing up at a random Speed Dating event. You’ll enter a room of pre-qualified singles. Fitness is the common ground shared by everyone at Speed Dating for Fitness Singles.

Although looking good helps fitness-conscious singles make a match, being an Adonis or a Venus isn’t as important as sharing a common interest in leading a healthy lifestyle. Speed dating with fellow singles who love tennis, running, swimming, volleyball, going to the gym – you’re more likely to find your dream date, and not to mention, the perfect teammate and exercise partner!

With up to 15 “dates” at our speed dating event, your chances are good. People like to meet like minded individuals with similar interests. You can find someone who shares your type of athletic activity, your chosen time of day to exercise, your nutrition and eating habits. A shared passion for fitness and common lifestyle habits will help you meet that perfect match!

At the end of each speed dating event, each person completes a match card indicating who they would like to date. The following day, the host informs participants of their matches and provides contact information. The relaxed, no pressure atmosphere of Speed Dating for Fitness Singles won’t make you break a sweat, but it could lead to a healthy relationship!