Relationship and Dating Advice Book: Single in the City

Are you single and looking to attract your perfect match?

Whether you’re tired of meeting the wrong people, spending time on dates that don’t seem to lead anywhere or need help navigating today’s dating scene, you need this book!
Get your copy of Single in the City: From Hookups & Heartbreaks, to Love & Lifemates, Tales & Tips to Attract Your Perfect Match today!

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Can this book really help you?

Yes! This book can help you meet your ultimate partner because it combines almost two decades worth of tools to find your perfect match. Single in the City offers tips that have been tried, tested and true, and has been written by Laura Bilotta, a premier dating and relationship expert who has helped singles just like you! If you’re done with dating being frustrating, overwhelming and even intimidating, then this is the book for you! Dating should be fun, and even exciting, after all, it’s a part of the journey to finding love. Single in the City will help you overcome your dating fears and equip you with the tools to start dating the right way.

Equip yourself with the tools you will need to find the right person for YOU!

Who is Laura Bilotta?

Laura Bilotta is the founder of dating service company, Single in the City. For over 15 years she has helped singles find their perfect match through events, online dating and her matchmaking services. Her company has become one of the premier dating service companies in Canada.

After working with thousands of singles, she decided to create a book, fittingly called Single in the City, which would offer almost two decades worth of tips and tools that she has given her clients to help them find love.

Not only is Laura a premier matchmaker and author, she is also the voice of The Dating and Relationship Show, Sundays at 9pm on Talk640.

“Living in the 21st Century will give us access to learn and be better, technology will make you and feel smarter. Laura Bilotta share insight from her journey and includes strategies and tips that you can apply in your dating journey. From online profile to texting she has it all covered!”

~ Jim

“Madam Bilotta has written the definitive work on love, lust and living. Whether you’re looking for Right or Right Now, this book has you covered. Stop being alone, free up your pleasure hand for a night to turn the pages of this book.”

~ Rick Powers

“I was always looking for love in all the proverbial “wrong places”. I didn’t know that I needed a dating coach …. until I met Laura. She helped me realize that some of my dating advice needed a tune-up. I took her advice to the letter, and have since met my wonderful husband. Her new book is comprehensive, relevant, quotable, practical, doable and inspirational. A must read for those who are looking for love.”

~ SJ

“If you’re ready for some straight talk delivered with humor, understanding, and terrific insight then this book is just right for you. Laura covers all aspects of dating with great equanimity and practicality – so be prepared to take notes, mark the pages, and get yourself ready for meaningful success. No room for excuses, procrastinating delays, or old relationship repeats here…simply a ‘just do it’ empowering book that will bring you rewards across many areas of your life.”

~ Linda B

“Laura’s insights from 15 years of experience as a dating and relationship expert help you know what to include in your online profile, how to use texting appropriately when you start communicating, how to help you become the best you you can be so you can attract the person you want to be with … and more.”

~ Darlene Jan Alice Oaklry

“Fantastic book on how to initiate and nurture great relationships that last .. especially if you’re single but definitely for couples too who want to reignite their relationship .. and even start dating each other for the very first time … again !”

~ Ash

“Laura was spot on when she wrote about complacency, it can kill a relationship. Open and honest communication, first date guide lessons, and dating after divorce were my big lessons learned. I would highly encourage anyone who is currently, new, or returning to the dating scene to read this book.”

~ Corey Phoenix Birdson

“A funny, honest, firsthand story with some valuable lessons to learn, this is a book that can be enjoyed by and related to by anyone. If you’re single and unsure of where your next relationship will come from, check this out prepare to be surprised!”

~ Evan

“This book is very nicely presented and well laid out and provides a wealth of tips and experience to guide those seeking a partner. She includes examples from her own dating past to help show what to do and what to avoid in dating scenarios and once in a relationship and gives advice that suits men and women. Areas touched on include speed dating, online dating and how to approach people in social situations. There are some funny anecdotes along the way as well which are certainly a bonus…a very informative and useful read!”

~ James

“An Absolute MUST Read!! Love IT!! I was excited to know that Laura was having a book come out and when I got my hands on it and began reading the real and raw words that she has put on those pages I was blown away! It’s clear through reading each page that she speaks from experience that she has gained over the last 15 years. A true expert in her field and she’s able to provide the advice based upon this experience from a professional and personal perspective!! Thoroughly enjoying reading through the book as a Single woman in her early 40s and I also see the incredible value from the perspective of those in relationship and those who are married.”

~ Paul

“A MUST read! This is a great and fun little book. Refreshingly straight-forward and practical with a no-nonsense view on what you want out of life, how to get it… and how to avoid getting what you DON’T want. Money well-spent.”

~ Susan


However, you have to be ready for it! Single in the City combines over 15 years of experience to help you on your journey to finding love. Today’s dating scene can be frustrating, even confusing at times, but this book will help answer your burning questions and help you navigate the, at times, choppy waters of dating. Single in the City is perfect for you if:

  • You have been single for a while and are looking to find love
  • You are shy and introverted
  • You are unsure if you are dating the “right” or “wrong” way
  • You are re-entering the dating scene and don’t have a clue on how to navigate the modern landscape.
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