10 Best Things About Being Single on New Year’s Eve

The media conditions us to think we need to be in a relationship on New Year’s Eve to have fun, but that’s not the case! Being Single on New Year’s Eve is the best! You get to focus on yourself and your friends and meet tons of cute strangers! This year i’m hosting Toronto’s Best Singles New Year’s Party: A Night in Thailand and I hope to see all of you singles come out and have a fabulous night with me! Without further ado here are 10 reasons why it’s great to be single on New Year’s Eve 2018!

Getting to dance your butt off

Being single on New Year’s Eve gives you the opportunity to shake it! There’s no better way to meet someone than out on the dance floor, flaunting your stuff.

You can do whatever you want

singles at thai new year's eve party in torontoThis is going to sound a little selfish but you don’t have to take into account anybody else’s preferences. You get to focus on all the fun things that you want to do on New Year’s Eve!

It’s a reason to get super dressed up

New Year’s Eves is all about looking and feeling your best to ring in the next chapter of your life. Get all glittered up and hit the town, there’s no time like new years to put your best foot forward.

You can hang out with your squad

Gather all your fun friends and have a great time. No significant other means that you can focus on the other amazing people in your life.

Not having to hang out with your married friends

You obviously love your married friends but they aren’t exactly party animals. Ditch the couples and go somewhere exciting! You never know who you’ll meet!

It’s the best night to kiss a random

Kissing a stranger isn’t generally a goal people aspire to but on new years anything goes! That cutie that’s been making eyes at you all night? Strike up a conversation to get the ball rolling and see what happens when it’s toronto singles new years eve 2018time for it to drop!

You can stay out as late as you want

Not having a partner means there’s no one to make you leave right after midnight, being single means you can dance until the wee hours of the morning if that’s your thing

You don’t have to worry about any pressure

New Year’s Eve gives people in relationships lots of anxiety, where will your relationship lead in the coming year? Will there be a proposal at midnight? Should we spend the night with one of our families? How do we pick? If you’re single you don’t have to worry about any of this nonsense and instead you can focus on having fun.

When you stumble home that night you get to spread out in bed

Having the bed to yourself when your intoxicated is an under appreciated luxury that single people have. Sleep in your clothes, upside down, sideways, spread eagle, you do you.

New year’s is always the biggest party of the year

New Year’s Eve is amazing, it’s sparkly, there’s lots of yummy drinks and food and everybody is out looking for a good time. I’ve hosted a Toronto Single’s New Year’s Eve party for the last 12 years and I can honestly say it is the highlight of my year. Watching singles meet each other and dance into the new year is such a fabulous feeling. Escape to Thailand this New Year’s Eve with me and Single in the City; who knows? You may meet that special someone and start the year on a different foot.

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By sitcadmin | December 13, 2017
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