Check out these Speed Dating Tips next time you attend a Single in the City Speed Dating Event in your city!

Speed Dating Tip #1
You’ve got to be well groomed; your appearance is the first perception that anyone has of you.

Tip #2
No need to memorize anything but have a sense of what’s going on in the world around you. Skim the newspaper, watch the news, read some articles, etc. Having questions on the tip of your tongue are important for a first date to help avoid the awkward silence.

Tip #3
Choose topics of interest.
These topics can range from current events to an upcoming movie or concert.

Tip #4
Make them laugh; they are definitely more likely to remember you when you make them laugh.
Laughter also makes her more relax and comfortable around you as laughing releases the feel good hormone.

Tip #5
Show confidence and try not to act nervous although this can be difficult to do especially if its your first time. You may be a little nervous at first but as the evening goes on, your nerves should calm.

Be positive and don’t bring up negative conversations i.e. the bad day you had today, your negative character traits, deep regrets you have about your past behavior that are no longer relevant to your life etc.

Don’t talk about your ex.

Be yourself; don’t pretend to be someone you are not.
As long as you are yourself and not pretending to be someone you are not, with a little humor, a dose of sensitivity and a lot of confidence you’ll definitely go places.

If you fail, try and try again.
It sometimes takes a while to get back into the dating swing of things.
If you don’t try you will never succeed

Be Attentive and maintain eye contact with the person in front of you. The moment your eyes start wandering shows that you are not interested or bored with the conversation.

Make sure you follow these speed dating tips for great success! If you keep attending Speed Dating Events with no success, try hiring Laura as your date coach! There may just be a few things you need to tweek for dating success and Laura can help you with that.