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4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner When You’re in a Fight

When you get into an argument with your significant other it can be easy to get over heated and say something you don’t actually want to. Here are 4 things you should never say to […]

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The Problem With Ghosting and Mosting

Have you heard about the dating trends ghosting and mosting? Now these trends have been going on forever however now they have names and are even easier with the rise of technology. I’m sure most […]

Tips for Getting Ready for a Date

Getting ready for a date is a total pain! Here are some tips for getting ready for a date so you can choose the right outfit, make a great first impression and impress your date!
Ladies Tips for Getting […]

Signs You and Your Partner Are Drifting Apart

Nobody wants to admit that they’ve out grown their relationship. It can be incredibly hard to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer compatible with the person that you love. When […]

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Laura gets Teeth Whitening in Toronto at Archer Dental

Sometimes people ask me, because of my experience as a dating coach and matchmaker, if they should whiten their teeth? And I usually reply, ‘Do you want to meet someone with white teeth?’ and they […]

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Wing Woman Paint Night with Single in the City

Being a single woman definitely isn’t easy, especially in the city. What makes it even harder is when you don’t have any single friends to go out and hit the town with! Obviously your friends […]

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Ann Kaplan Mulholland: Real Housewives of Toronto Legend

Have you ever wanted to get an inside scoop on the life of a Real Housewife? Well recently on the Dating and Relationship Show I spoke with former Real Housewives of Toronto cast member Ann […]

Work Life Balance: Managing Careers and Love

Most of us strive for the American Dream. Many of us work hard and devote our time to achieving great career success and wealth; but when we put so much of ourselves into our careers, […]

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4 Signs That You’re Not Over Your Ex

I have a lot of people sign up for my date coaching service because they can’t seem to make it past a first date and so many times it’s turned out that it’s because they […]

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Dating Apps and Hooking-Up with the Second City Ladies

In today’s day and age, dating is something entirely different than it was a couple years ago, and I wanted to sit down with some of the people in the game today on the Dating […]

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