10 Signs You Should Take A Break From Dating

Lost your faith in dating? Feeling fatigued or overwhelmed with your dating life?

Dating is a journey and sometimes on that journey we need time to recharge our batteries so that we can re approach our dating lives with re-established confidence and optimism.

In situations where you’re hating your dating life and feeling run down, the best thing you can do is to take a break from dating and just focus back on yourself for a while.

How do you know if you need to take a break from dating?

Here are 10 signs you should take a break from dating:

  1. You’re exhausted: You are tired of going on dates and a lot of those dates are all first dates.
  2. You’re overwhelmed with your dating life: You feel pressure to settle down and forced to date.
  3. Dating is not fun for you anymore: Dating has become like a chore to you.
  4. You have a track record of dating the wrong people: You are dating people that are either of no interest to you or end up hurting you. It’s like a bad dream, the same bad dates and relationships keep following you.
  5. Your confidence is shattered: Because you haven’t found love yet, you have troubles believing it ever will. Take it a step further, you wonder if the reason you aren’t meeting anyone is because of you.
  6. You lack self-love: You have troubles articulating and believing what makes you so great, as a result, you struggle with thoughts of if you’re good enough.
  7. You’re just out of a relationship: Jumping from relationship to relationship runs the risk of carrying old baggage to new partnerships.
  8. You still have your ex on your mind: Resolving old feelings for your ex is important before entering into any new partnerships.
  9. You have a hate on for the opposite sex/you’re jaded: One sure fire way to ruin your dating experience is to generalize your previous dating experience with one person, to all of your future prospects.
  10. You have never really been single.

 When you take a break from dating, it does not mean you will never date again. It does not stop Mr. or Ms. Right from coming in. When you take a break from dating, it provides an opportunity to take the pressure off for a bit. The last thing you want is to project negativity on to your dating prospects.

By sitcadmin | October 6, 2015
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