5 Reasons Why His Online Dating Profile Is Still Active

Okay, so you met him online but you’re wondering why he hasn’t deleted his online dating profile yet. You can even see he’s been active on his profile recently and you’re not sure what this means.

There are 5 plausible reasons why the guy you’re dating still has an active online dating profile.

1. He’s just looking for casual flings or one-nighter’s. Let’s be honest, you have to sift through a lot of online dating profiles to determine who is looking to get laid, versus the ones that truly want a relationship. If his profile is still active, he may think things are just casual between you two.

2. He wants to keep his options open. Some people find it hard to shut down their online dating profile in fear that there could be someone better out there. It’s the idea that the “grass is always greener,” a mindset that often yields unsatisfactory dating lives. Hunting through profiles can be addictive and if this guy is continually on the look out for the “next best thing,” why bother?

3. He’s really bad at cheating discreetly. Number 3 applies to those that have established a relationship after a few dates and have had a discussion regarding monogamy. In this online dating profilecircumstance, he may just be naïve to think you would not log back into your account to check if he still has an active online dating profile. Trust your instincts.

4. It’s too soon to go off the site.  You can’t expect him to delete his online dating profile immediately until you have developed a rapport. In a perfect world, you would meet and both of you would immediately delete your profiles. However, each relationship moves at it’s own pace. In this circumstance, the relationship is not serious enough to delete the account yet, but if things are moving ahead and he still has an active online dating profile, there’s a problem.

5. He forgot to close his account. This is the least likely option out of the five, but honestly some guys don’t even think about it, especially if it’s a free site he’s not getting billed for.  Chances are it’s one of the other reasons, but hey, you never know. 

The best thing to do if you’re questioning the status of your relationship and why his online dating profile is still active is to communicate with him!

If you’ve developed enough of a rapport with this guy and you’re ready for a relationship, talk to him. Don’t accuse him of still having his online dating profile active, rather approach the situation from a place where you’re expressing how you feel and what you’re looking for out of the relationship. At that point, you two can discuss deleting your online dating profiles.

Most of the time you won’t have to ask him to delete his online dating profile. When you like someone, you just do it.

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By sitcadmin | July 9, 2015
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