6 Signs She Wants A First Date Kiss

Deciding if you should kiss her on a first date can be nerve racking. In a perfect world you would both lean in at the same time and there would be no guessing. However on first dates, nerves run high and sometimes signs are misread.

Here are 6 signs she wants a first date kiss:

  1. What is her body language telling you? Does she lean towards you? Is she open to subtle touching, such as an accidental arm graze? Is she making eye contact with you? Is she smiling at you? Is her overall body language open to you? If she is leaning towards you and making excuses to lightly touch you or graze your arm, these are all good signs things are moving towards a first date kiss.
  2. How is the date going? Does your date seem interested? Does she appear to want to stay or has she made an excuse to leave? Is she an active participant in the conversation? Are you both lingering not wanting to end the date? If she is lingering and wants to extend the date, that is a good sign this date is moving towards a first date kiss.
  3. Flirt with her on the date. Tease her and look for opportunities to move your body proximity closer.  Again, watch for her reaction, if you’re too close and she pulls back or looks away, provide more space.  If she is teasing and flirting back, this is a good sign for a first date kiss.
  4. Timing is everything. You don’t always have to end the date with a kiss. Is there a moment where you felt she wanted to kiss you during the date? There are no rules, given consideration for her comfort level. If there is an opportunity for a kiss during the date and it feels right to both of you, dive in!
  5. Try giving her a hug first. If you’re at the end of the date, try giving her a hug first. Does she immediately pull away or stay in the hug? Again if the hug is lingering, that is a good sign she wants a first date kiss.
  6. You can always default to asking. If you’re in the moment and you’re still unsure and want to respect her boundaries, ask her if you can give her a kiss. Tread cautiously with this one, if not done right it can create an awkward moment. If you choose this route, try saying something like, “I’m having such a great time with you and I’d love to kiss you if that is alright?” When done properly, asking to kiss someone can be really sweet!

Pay attention, be aware, it isn’t very likely that only one of you thinks the date is going really well. If you are reading her right and aren’t seeing any signs she wants a first date kiss, she probably doesn’t want a second date either. What does your gut tell you?

The dating dance can be daunting; you’re trying to read her while exuding confidence at the same time. You may be thinking of what to say next while simultaneously gauging her level of interest and being captivated by her intoxicating perfume. There are a lot of balls in the air, there are a lot of things to notice, some subtle, some not so subtle.

Unfortunately, there is no decoder ring, but women do give signals, you have to use your senses as your GPS. If you’re seeing signs that aren’t there, you should probably work on figuring out how you misread her behaviour, your internal GPS might be due for a firmware update. Not to worry, help is available, and you’re hardly the first person to be in this position.

By sitcadmin | November 5, 2015
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