Being Assertive in the Wake of #MeToo

#MeToo Has Been a Long Time Coming

Every day there’s a news item about the #MeToo movement. Some are calling it a witch hunt (mostly men, 100 French celebrities, and a Canadian journalist) false accusations are being justified, all accusations are accepted as true, and men are terrified.

Well, I’m glad the topic is being discussed, obviously people will have different viewpoints, no two people have had the same life experiences, and men have been getting away with bad behaviour for so long they don’t understand why it’s suddenly wrong. They don’t seem to understand it’s always been wrong.

Now that that’s been established, how will the change look? We have an opportunity to add our input here, and since it’s us that is demanding the change, we have a duty to make the new rules. I’ve been saying for a long time that women need to be more assertive in their dating life, well, there’s no time like the present!

After #MeToo Make Everyday Sadie Hawkins Day

It’s time for us to stop waiting for the good looking guy at the bar to notice us, there are probably a lot of women who are feeling the same way, why wait? Send him over a drink. That will get you noticed.

I know it’s not easy, but for the most part men have been the only ones fearing the possibility of rejection in a public place, but we can handle it, we have a high capacity for tolerating life’s bloopers. And, when you think about it, how much time are you wasting sitting at the bar or at a table, throwing him glances, #MeToo Datinglaughing a bit too loudly with your friends, doing the hair thing and acting coy? Not to mention the walk to the bathroom where you ‘accidentally’ drop something by his feet. Why not just look him directly in the eye and say hi? If he responds with a ‘hi’ back, notice if he’s turned all his attention onto you, if yes, I hope you have more to say, because you’ve got an in.

I should tell you, the very first thing you have to do is make sure there’s no wedding ring. And, if you can, find out if he has a girlfriend. You will not be the one to break up a relationship. That’s bad karma.

Men do find confidence in a woman very attractive. So, go for it! Ask him if you could buy him a drink, he’s not going to be rude, like we sometimes are. What’s the worst that can happen?

What if He Says No?

It’s not the end of the world, maintain your confidence, that’s important for you, he’s one guy you met one night at a bar, there will be plenty more opportunities.

If more women did this maybe the dynamic would change, we’d be on a more level playing field. The cheesy lines would cease, men probably made them up so that they could save face if they were rejected. They could blame the rejection on the sleazy pick up line. We don’t have to resort to that though please. Just be authentic, be genuine and always wear a smile.

Wouldn’t you rather have a resolution than always wonder what could have been? Don’t you feel a little bit silly ‘coy-flirting?’ It’s not the real you, it makes you self-conscious and feel a little fake. So, grab the bull by the horns and approach that good looking man you’ve been making eye contact with, who knows what will happen?

By sitcadmin | February 1, 2018
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