Are You Ready To Start Dating Again?

It’s been weeks, months or maybe even years since you dated someone either because of your own choice, a traumatizing event or a dramatic break-up. It can be really hard to even think about dating again after a relationship has ended but remember, life goes on.

Here are a few points to help you determine if you are ready to start dating again:

You have accepted your past relationships for what they were: Break-ups and divorces are heart wrenching and make for stressful and emotionally difficult times. It takes a while to cope with the separation from someone that you shared a strong emotional bond with. Just like getting an injury, you’ll recover from it although it could take weeks, months or sometimes years. Hopefully you’ve learned some value lessons that will set you on the right path to start dating again.

You are doing it for yourself:  
Don’t let your past relationships control you. If you’re going to start dating again then do it for yourself and not to spite your ex by trying to make them jealous – it’s not worth it, doesn’t accomplish anything and will just set you back.

You can offer your normal, amazing self to your next date: The next person you date most probably has nothing to do with your previous relationships and should get to know you as the great and amazing person that you want to show others that you are.

It comes down to getting over your past relationships, doing things for yourself and being yourself. Enjoy yourself, go on some fun dates, meet new people; play a little! Only you know when you are truly ready to start dating again.

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By sitcadmin | June 23, 2012
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