Astrology and Dating: Stars Impact Your Love Life

Star-crossed lovers – is that a real thing? Thanks to Ilina Ivana I learnt all about Astrology and Dating!

Ilina Ivana Trowles is an intuitive channeler, spiritual healer and professional astrologer. So I invited her onto the show to discuss astrology and dating as well as compatibility in relationships. Have you ever thought astrology, horoscopes, tarot cards and psychic readings were all just a bunch of hocus pocus? Well you aren’t alone, but Ilina tells us that the non-believers have become some of her greatest clients, because she proves people’s doubts to be wrong. I’ve always been a spiritual personal myself with an interest in Ilina’s work, but after our discussion, she made all of us understand just how much astrology and the stars play a factor in your personal and love life! We discussed how astrology and dating cgo hand in hand with karma and compatibility, and how zodiac alignment impacts who and how we are.

It’s in the stars

I wanted to know from Ilina, ‘how can astrology help with dating?’ She said that astrology can literally show you a blue print of your soul – this is called a birth chart. On the day, time, season etc. you were born, the stars, suns and planets were arranged a certain way in the sky and that has influenced the way that you are today. In reading birth charts for compatibility and datingMan with astronomy telescope looking at the stars. Man telescope and starry sky. Night sky. Milky way galaxy., Ilina prints out both partner’s charts and she can physically see people’s compatibility. She can tell people how things are going to go based on the alignment in their birth chart.

The majority of us rely simply on googling two zodiac signs to see if our partner’s sign and our own are compatible. While Ilina said that zodiac signs are valid, you can’t just judge the signs, there’s way more to astrology and dating than that. You have to consider the moment of your birth under that sign, which will show your rising sign and your ascending sign. At the time of your birth your world was ruled by a certain zodiac sign but also a certain moon sign, and your personality is distinguished by this. You may think your zodiac characteristics describe you pretty well, however, Ilina showed us there is definitely more to it.

A birth chart reading by an intuitive channeler or astrologer can show you many things about your past, present and future, since as Ilina mentioned, it is a blueprint of your soul! Your chart can even show you your karma. Say you have been going through a series of bad relationships or misfortunes. This doesn’t mean you have done bad things, Ilina tells us this can also represent your karma through the lesson you’ve chosen to learn. By understanding these lessons, your karma and your patterns it makes it easier to take charge of your life again since you are no longer oblivious to your karma. This allows you to rid yourself of emotional blockage and move on.

When you continually find yourself in relationships where you give up power and allow others to diminish your spirit, this can have tangible effects on the body, not just your emotions. That’s why, in ridding yourself of emotional blockage through spiritual cleansing, individuals can make progress and changes in their health that will be long lasting. Ilina explains that going through spiritual cleaning couple not good at effective communicationrids people of their emotional blockage and brings it to their attention; when people are made aware of what was emotionally hindering them it means they can no longer be oblivious to the emotions that were causing them harm and preventing them from leading their happiest life. This process feels like a weight is lifted and manifests physiologically, mentally and emotionally. If you are in a relationship that is negatively affecting your emotions and constantly find or have found yourself giving up power, always nurturing others and always being a giver and putting yourself last, this is the kind of emotional trauma that causes blockage, and disease. Your mind and emotions are telling your body that you are last and powerless and this manifests in the body.

We had a long, amazing conversation with Ilina who laid it all out for us and Sandra, Francesca and Vince in studio shared some of their journeys and how this emotional blockage hits home for them. Ultimately, becoming aware of your karma and emotional blockage Ilina says that after it is lifted you can start learning to say no, to raising your boundaries and standards and standing up for your authentic self and holding onto your power.

We discussed many more topics with our expert Ilina Ivana regarding compatibility and clashes, self-reflection through astrological readings and even astrology and predicting your future. Listen to the rest of the show and more on the Dating and Relationships show on AM640, and join our matchmaking service today.

By sitcadmin | November 9, 2017
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