Awakening your Intuition

“Go with your gut.” Quite possibly the easiest piece of advice to dish out, but not always the easiest to actually follow. How exactly does one “follow their gut?” How do you recognize when this intuitive voice is speaking to you? I believe that following our intuition is one of our greatest powers in life, which is why I wanted to take a moment to chat about how to listen to your inner voice and use your intuition with purpose.

Because when we know how to properly wield our intuition, we become unstoppable. We can use it to create happy, successful lives…we can even use it to find our perfect partner.


So how do we bring out this natural, psychic ability within ourselves? Psychic medium Lynn Nicholls, a recent guest on The Dating and Relationship Show, asserts that everyone has psychic intuition and that it’s our emotions that act as our kryptonite. The only way to stop allowing your emotions to get in the way? Practice. (AKA the only way to get good at anything, really). Lynn advises you to start small and then work your way up.


“Say you’re in the line at the grocery store. Just go through the people, and whatever thought comes to your head, let it come to you.” You’ll never know if you’re right or wrong, but the whole point is to emotionally detach – you don’t need to know the answers to these observations. So you strengthen that muscle without emotional attachment or expectation getting in the way. So when it comes time to call upon your intuition, you know what it feels like.


So how do you recognize when your intuition is trying to tell you something? “It’s not wishful thinking,” Lynn said. “You’re not dwelling on it. It doesn’t keep playing in your head.”

So it can be most easily linked to a random thought that fleets in and out of your head without emotion attached to it.


It can also manifest as a physical feeling within your body. Maybe something happens in your life, and you realize that you suddenly don’t feel very well. Maybe your stomach is in knots, or you start to feel a headache coming on. Or you just feel that overwhelming sense that something just “isn’t right.” We’ve all experienced that feeling, and instead of pushing it away and ignoring it, we need to recognize it for the sign that it is. It’s your intuition sending you a signal.


So that, my friends, is what it feels like when your gut is trying to communicate with you. It’s about time we started paying attention. If you want to hear more about how to attract the right person into your life, be sure to check out the Episode “How to Attract the Right Partner” on The Dating and Relationship Show.




By sitcadmin | December 19, 2019
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