Best 10 New Years Resolutions for Singles That Are Dating

Tired of not finding Mr. or Mrs. Right? Single in the City has you covered. Take an exciting step forward in 2013 with the best 10 New Years Resolutions for singles that are dating. Make it your mission to revamp the way you think about dating in the New Year and see how your life will change for the better!

Best 10 New Years Resolutions for Singles That Are Dating

1. Give Speed Dating a Chance! If you have never tried Speed Dating, or maybe have had a bad experience, try it again! Speed Dating is one of the best ways to go through tons of singles and filter them to get matched with someone with similar interests. It’s also a LOT of fun! Single in the City makes it easy by connecting successful matches online. Don’t make excuses; check out one of our upcoming Speed Dating events and try it out!

There is always room for improvement, don't be idle!
There is always room for improvement, don’t be idle!


2. Learn to Smile! Having an amazing body, nice hairstyle, proper hygiene and classy etiquette are all GREAT and desired features, BUT, smiling is the one of the biggest things people notice. Try to smile a lot more and not only will you feel happier, but, those around you will too. Remember that smiling is very positive and attractive!

3. Write Down What YOU Are Looking For! Nobody knows you better then yourself. Although you may not know 100% what you are looking for, you should have some features and aspects that you prefer and hope that your future partner will have. Remember, you deserve the best but don’t get too crazy with your checklist.

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4. Learn to Love Yourself! Try to mend any issues that you have with yourself and boost your self-confidence – it’s sexy! Head to the gym, take a vacation and treat yourself once in a while to your favorite snack. Live a great life and you will meet someone who adds even more joy to your amazing life!

5. Learn From Your Past And Move On! Starting a New Year fresh feels great and can also be very healthy for you. Remember that the past is the past now and move on from anything that has troubled you. End toxic relationships and learn that when something ends, something beautiful will soon bloom! The faster you move on the faster you can meet your perfect match!

6. Pick Up The Phone And Call Once In A While! Woah, how odd is that? Actually talking to someone on the phone? In this age of texting and Facebook chats it may seem odd to talk on the phone but try it out! It can be much easier to connect and see if you like their personality through a conversation on the phone.

7. Give Dates A Chance! Maybe the first date didn’t go so well – it happens to everyone once in a while. Giving a date a second chance can be a blessing. First date nerves can change a person; having a second or even third date can reveal a person’s true personality and they could end up blowing you away!

8. Be Adventurous! If you are the shy or reserved type try breaking out of the shell this year. Go with your friend’s rock climbing, white water rafting or even try the new CN Tower EdgeWalk for a thrill close to home! Try new things and be more social.


9. Improve Yourself! Read a self-help book once in a while, head to the gym, get better at your job, take up a new hobby, play a new sport or even learn to love jogging. There are lots of ways to improve yourself; dedicate a part of your busy schedule to this and you will be a much happier and interesting person.

10. Go To A Single In The City Event! Ok, maybe this is a bit biased, BUT, you HAVE to try it out! If Speed Dating is not your thing, we are introducing plenty of new, creative and fun ways to mingle with great singles at our unique and entertaining events. Check out our event schedule and choose at least one event this year and we GUARANTEE that will you will find at least one match or you get to attend another event for half price. That’s how confident we are that you will have a blast meeting fun, attractive and similarly minded singles.

If this is all a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. You have a year to get yourself in check and at least start all of these New Year’s resolutions. Doing ANY of these best 10 New Years resolutions for singles that are dating will not only make you a BETTER person, but, a more PRODUCTIVE and HAPPIER person.

Question of the Day: What are you favourite New Years resolutions on this list? Do you have a New Year’s Resolution that you would suggest to others to improve their dating experiences?

By sitcadmin | January 18, 2013
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