Blind Date Tips | How to Enjoy Your Blind Date

Blind dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. With online dating, virtual dates + speed dating being a great way to meet new singles right now, these can also feel like a bit of a blind date! If you hit it off, you’ll enjoy yourself, but then again there is always the chance that you might not feel the connection and you may find yourself stuck in the middle of a boring date for hours. Either way here are some blind date tips that you can use before your next one, whether it’s in person or online!

Blind date tips:

  • First, find yourself a blind date. You can ask around in your friend/family circle to see if they know someone that they can set you up with for a blind date. You can use a matchmaking service, such as Single in the City, online dating or virtual speed dating to find yourself a prospective date.
  • If meeting up in person: As far as choosing the date location goes pick something casual and easy, like a coffee shop, to be on the safer side. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where the date is a disaster and you have five more courses to go. In case the date goes well, you can head out to lunch or dinner after.
  • Make sure you are open and genuinely warm to your date. Like it or not, most blind dates are awkward, as you are out on a date with a stranger. If you hit it off that’s great, and if you don’t you have a little life experience to take home anyway; who knows, you may even find a good friend in the process!
  • It can be pretty confusing if you don’t know what to talk about on a blind date. Do your homework before you arrive at the date so you know a little bit about them and have topics to bring up. Of course, if your friends have set you up, it becomes easy to weasel out some information from them, but if you’ve found a date online, a quick search on search engines or a peruse of their profile should pop out information that your date has shared on social media sites.
  • If your date is boring or it seems unlikely that there is going to be a second date, don’t be rude to them. Know that they have taken time off to be with you, and be respectful and pleasant.
  • At the end of your blind date, make sure you let your date know whether you intend to see them
    again – don’t leave them hanging!
  • Finally, no matter what the outcome is, make sure you have fun on your blind date… And don’t walk out on them or stand them up!

I hope that these blind date tips will help you next time you’re set up with someone new! Want a little more advice? Check out our date coaching packages for pre-date prep!

By sitcadmin | May 25, 2021
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