Breakup Advice: 5 Proven Ways To Move On Faster Post Breakup

There is a lot of breakup advice out there, however the best breakup advice comes within these 5 proven ways to move on faster post breakup.

Breakup’s can feel like you’re facing the death of a close loved one at times.  How you orient a breakup really determines your level of anxiety and future capacity to move on in a healthy manner.

  • Cut off all contact with your ex. As hard as it may be, it’s important to create space between you and your ex post breakup. There could be a time in the future where a friendship may be possible but that friendship should be established after you both have had enough time and space to distance yourself from the type of relationship you used to have.
  • Delete them off your social media. You cannot get over your ex while being inundated with their social media reel. Your ex is your ex for a reason. You should no longer be up to date on your ex’s daily life. It will only hurt and delay you from moving on in the long run if you’re sitting there trying to interpret your ex’s pictures from the night before.
  • Remove any type of memorabilia from your home/room that serve as reminders.  I am not saying destroy everything that reminds you of your ex but remove them from sight; box them up, whatever you need to do to make a new space, for a new beginning. Even move your furniture around, if a room serves as a reminder of your ex.
  • Write down the reasons you broke up. There are reasons you are where you are today. Write them down. After a breakup, there is an urge to reminisce and go back to what’s comfortable. Remember the reasons you broke up, they do not go away over night.
  • Get Busy. Easier said then done but get as busy as you can be. Immerse yourself in work for a while or enlist your best friends to go on a trip, an outing, whatever you need to do so that you’re not sitting there agonizing and over analyzing about your breakup.

Remember, breakups are a process. As much as you want to move through this hurtful phase fast, give yourself time. It’s totally OK to have that pity party and spend a day in bed but then it’s important to keep moving forward.

Use this breakup advice above as a catalyst to moving you forward with your life.

Now is the time to focus on yourself. Focus on doing things that bring you joy and make you happy and you will start to see your life transform post break up back to the happy place it used to be.

I hope you enjoyed the 5 minute video clip from the Single in the City Talk Show where I discussed healing after a breakup tips with host Laura Bilotta


By sitcadmin | August 5, 2015
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