Changes in Relationships as we Mature

Some of us have met the love of our life at an early age, got married and had kids, others find their soul mate later in life, some are still searching and others have married, divorced and remarried, regardless of how we met the ones we have relationships with, one thing is for sure. These relationships change as we mature and grow older and this just can’t be denied! As much as we want to stay young forever, time changes things, and it either makes you or breaks you.

So, what types of changes do we face? Why does this happen? How do we adjust? Let’s get to that now.

Ever wonder why things change the longer you spend with someone? In the beginning you are all lovey-dovey, you spend hours getting ready just to spend time with this person, you go out all the time, dinners, movies, take pictures together and after a while, these things seem to disappear and become less important. This doesn’t mean you aren’t right together or that the spark is no longer there, it just means that the relationship has reached a new level. A level of understanding, where love is seen through actions and dedication, it does not need a status update to be real and known.

How about fighting? You seem to argue more as time goes by, whereas when you first met someone, fights were rare and if they occurred it probably turned your world upside down. You weren’t quick to jump and express your feelings or concerns, and sometimes things that bothered you about your partner you let go of and didn’t bring up but NOW you aren’t afraid to speak your mind. These fights don’t mean your relationship is unhealthy, in fact they aren’t fights at all, they are disagreements that need to be resolved.

You feel more comfortable and secure as the relationship stands the test of time. Changes in relationships help you grow.

You aren’t afraid to be yourself. You speak your mind, you tell it how it is, you do what you feel is best and you hope your partner shows support. You don’t let opinions that you disagree with control your life, you don’t stay in a relationship if you aren’t getting anything out of if it. Love is kind and love is complicated and as you mature, you realize that you shouldn’t have to put your morals and values on the sideline to impress someone you like. You aren’t scared to be your true authentic self even if that means starting over and putting your foot down on things that just aren’t working.

Relationships changing as you mature, and age shouldn’t scare you. This is a sign that you are growing and learning every day. This is something you should embrace, not fear. When you are with the right person, a relationship changing will strengthen the bond. So, move forward with confidence, because when things change, new milestones are met. Embrace change and enjoy it!

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By sitcadmin | October 10, 2019
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