Chatting with Clairvoyant Sherry Gallant

Some of us believe in a spirit world and some of us don’t. But most of us have lost a loved one at some point in our lives and want to know if they found peace. We struggle with closure after a death since there is a desire to communicate with them one last time to say our final goodbyes. On the Dating and Relationship show I invited Spiritual Clairvoyant Sherry Gallant to discuss being a clairvoyant, grieving and helping us find peace after a death.

Life After Death: Mediums and the Spirit World

Sherry shared that she has been using her gift for about 15 years now. She always felt she had it, but like many people it took a particular type of experience to truly channel the gift into her everyday life. Sherry says that many people have a spiritual awakening from a near death experience, and this is exactly what happened to her. She shared that she was in a severe car accident in 2000 and found herself physically standing in a graveyard looking down at a gravestone of one of her dear friends that had passed away. Then suddenly she was in her body again and survived all of her injuries and she felt it was her friend in the graveyard that pulled her back into her body and gave her a spiritual awakening.

Clairvoyants Verses Psychics

I wanted to know more about her practice and asked what the difference was between a psychic and a spiritual Clairvoyant like herself. She said that psychics focus on past, present and future and in these readings it is just you and the psychic. Whereas a medium is connecting with different spirits on the other side. The spirits will have specific messages for people after they have crossed over, and Sherry can see and connect with these lost loved ones and pass on the messages. In her mediumship practice Sherry is clairvoyant which means she can see things when connecting with a spirit, however, there are many different ‘clairs’. There is clairaudience which is the ability to hear spirits, clairsentience which is perceiving information by feeling a sense of touch from a spirit, clairscent where you can smell something that isn’t in the room related to a spirit, and clairgustance where a medium will have a sense of taste that was related to the spirit. Different mediums possess different talents, however, they are all equally able to connect with lost loved ones that have crossed over to the other side.

Mediums and Grief

Sherry explained to us that people have come to see her to manage their grief after losing someone and visiting a clairvoyant can help with depression and give people closure. For many of us that have sat bedside as a loved one was passing on, we always wonder if they are coherent enough to hear our final messages. Sherry says that in her sessions spirits have expressed to her that they heard everything the family was saying and that brings a lot of people closure and peace if they felt like they never truly got to say goodbye. Seeing a clairvoyant can allow people to say their final goodbye knowing that it is going to be received which can help people greatly through depression and grief. Sherry shared with us that Psychiatrists have referred clients to Sherry since the doctors found they couldn’t help people as well as she could since it was grief they were dealing with, not a mental illness.

Sherry suggests that if someone wants to see her or a clairvoyant in general after a loved on has died to wait a least 3 months in doing so. This time period allows the person to go through the very hard and private stages of grief. If you go too soon to try and connect with a loved one it may be too much to deal with emotionally and you may be unhappy with the results since you have not fully let yourself grasp that they are gone yet. Giving yourself time to grieve and then connect with the spirit again will bring you closer to a sense of closure after the reading rather than doing it all at once.

Who Can be a Clairvoyant?

Ultimately everyone has a certain level of intuition and Sherry says clairvoyants are just the ones that connect with theirs at the highest level. Children especially have a natural gift at being open to accepting the spiritual world but throughout their lives begin to suppress it from certain adult influences stifling them and saying imaginary friends aren’t real etc. But ultimately, it is our bodies that deteriorate and not our souls. After our bodies/vessels expire we are spirits living in a human world and the people that have passed on will continue to be with us all throughout our human bodied lives. Some of the signs our loved ones are still with us are spontaneously seeing butterflies, dragonflies, red cardinals, and finding dimes or feathers. These signs remind us that though they are gone physically, their spirit still watches over us.

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By sitcadmin | May 4, 2018
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