A Conversation about Dating with Karl Wolf

As some of you may know, we were lucky enough to have Karl Wolf join us on the Dating and Relationship show earlier this month.

The Canadian musician and producer, best known for his inventive remake of Toto’s hit classic “Africa,” had great input about dating and relationships, so below is an overview of a few of Karl’s best points that I believe we can all follow as an example.


Trust is essential to any and every relationship. It’s the foundation for communication, and influences the way we view our partner and interestingly, can often stem from the way we view ourselves. Trusting someone completely can be a little scary. As Karl asserted, the ability to trust your partner often depends on where you’re at in life – a certain level of maturity. Do you feel insecure about yourself, about your relationship? That can impact your ability to trust. Jealousy has no place in a healthy relationship.

HOW TO MEET PEOPLE (for those who refuse to use apps)

For those who despise dating apps, Karl had some great advice for how you can meet people, and it’s simpler than you think. The number one way to meet people? By enlisting the help of your friends.

Obviously you like your friends (I should hope), and enjoy their company. Odds are, you’re likely going to enjoy the company they keep as well. Friends are an amazing connection to potential romantic prospects.

Another great way to meet people is through social events, networking opportunities. If these are events in your field of work, you already have an established common interest in place with everyone attending the event. If the event is simply a hobby, that’s amazing as well – you love space? Go to a fun science exhibit and be open to meeting people. You may be pleasantly surprised.


I believe this is a very important aspect to any relationship. It’s natural to want to share everything with your partner – spending time together is obviously crucial to develop that bond, that closeness. However, it’s equally important to keep certain aspects of your life separate from each other. Having a little bit of distance from your partner is healthy – you need to do things for yourself, that nurture your growth as an individual, not just as a couple. Sharing experiences and hobbies with your partner is important – but strive to have some to yourself as well. Plus, that allows you to bring those experiences back to share with your partner, which keeps things fresh. Maintain your passions, embrace your space and respect theirs.

So many people believe that romance is dying in this technology-driven world we live in, but I disagree. There are so many opportunities for romance; it just takes a little effort. The difference between the past and today all boils down to effort. We often forget to slow down, put our phones down and embrace small moments of human-only interaction. People also tend to underestimate the impact of small gestures but believe me, they matter. Whether it’s a romantic walk on the beach, making your partner’s favorite dinner, or grabbing them that book you know they’ve been eying – that’s romance too.

To listen to Karl Wolf’s full interview, check out his episode on the The Dating and Relationship Show.

By sitcadmin | May 3, 2019
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