Cuffing Season: The Coziest Time of the Year

Cuffing Season Is Upon Us

The cold weather is upon us, and even those of us who are happily single want someone to cuddle with during the long winter months. This dating phenomena is called Cuffing, when a person who is generally happy being single wants to be tied down or cuffed to another person. Despite the bondage references there’s no BDSM involved (unless you want it to be)! Cuffing ‘relationships’ tend not to last once the world has thawed, after you’ve watched everything on Netflix and done all the snuggling two people can do you start to realize you actually have very little in common. Cuffing is basically the opposite of a summer fling, instead of someone wild that you generally wouldn’t date a cuff is more casual cuffing coupledependable, someone you could bring to an office party and not have to worry about them.

Going into cuffing season single is great, because the world is full of opportunity. There are so many people that are looking for something fun and on the casual side while still being more than just hooking up. Cuffing relationships are that sweet spot of the beginning of the relationship where you’ve gotten past the awkward part and you’re together without any pressure. It’s so easy for us to fall into routines and when it’s chilly and the media is constantly bombarding you with pictures of happy couples and families is easy to feel lonely and want some deeper connection.

Go Forth and Cuff!

winter cuffingConsidering cuffing is just accelerated dating with an expiration date winter is the perfect time for it because there are a million ways to meet someone and tons of amazing pre-planned dates you could go on. If you found yourself a cute barista while grabbing your peppermint mocha and are looking for a way to take your flirtation to the next level you have lots of great date ideas to choose from. A personal favourite of mine is going to a holiday market to shop and walk around. This is great because if the conversation lags there is lots of things around to spark conversation and you can do your holiday shopping at the same time! What better way to learn about each other’s family and holiday traditions than at a holiday event?

Generally speaking when you’re cuffing you want to keep your new bae on the private side, social media couples pics tend to be avoided because you know you aren’t going anywhere long term. Not everyone is down to cuff, and that’s ok, but there is beauty in cuffing; it’s a fleeting romance, you get to do cute things, stay warm and then move on. If you’re looking for something more serious, join our matchmaking service today

By sitcadmin | November 23, 2017
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