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Welcome to Single in the City’s Matchmaking Service. Our mission is simple – Affordable matchmaking while maintaining a high level of relationship compatibility to find your best possible match.

How is Single In The City’s Matchmaking Program different than other Dating Agencies?

  • First – we don’t charge thousands of dollars.
  • Second – We interview all of our members ensuring quality matches.

Modern matchmaking and dating agencies can be quite expensive and require you to pay up front fees for a limited amount of match ups with no guarantee on finding love. Let’s say you hit it off with the first person you meet, or you’re not satisfied with your matches? Your money is spent, with little to show for it.

With Single in the City, you PAY AS YOU PLAY!

Spread out your investment, go out on more dates, meet more great people and begin to see more results for a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps add a little date-coaching, a singles make-over, and you WILL see positive results this year!

With a one-time membership of only $125 and a $75 per-date fee, you are free to start and stop the Date By Design Matchmaking program whenever you want. You can even pause the membership for up to six months (see the Q&A below).

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

Step 1 – Send your contact info and pay the $125 membership fee. Click the pink button below.

Step 2 – Your Matchmaker meets you at a convenient time in one of the following cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton. The meeting takes about an hour. This is where we will learn about you and the qualities you are looking for in a potential mate.

Step 3 – We create your file and begin searching for potential dates.


[cc_product sku=”match1″ display=”inline” quantity=”true” price=”true”] Please read ALL of the information on this page, our Terms & Conditions, and the Q&A below. If you have further questions, use this contact form.


A Registration Fee of $125 is required to join the program and must be paid before you will be accepted into the service. A Service Fee of $75 will be charged for each date you go on. There is no fee for any match you do not want to meet. That’s it. There are no added costs.

Our Guarantee

If we do not find you a potential date in the first 6 months, we will issue a free coupon for any Single In The City singles event, a $50 value.

PLEASE NOTE: We will do our best to try and set you up with someone we think you are really going to like and be compatible with based on your Matchmaking questionnaire and interview.

Your First Date

Once we find a potential match, we share with you relevant information about the person such as a physical and personal description and why we chose this person for you. If you choose to accept the date, Great! We’ll setup the time and location. If you decline, that’s ok too, it happens, and we go back to work for you. All dates take place in a safe public environment such as a coffee shop, restaurant or bar – the date is setup by your SITC matchmaker.

Pay Your Own Way

We’ve implemented a “pay-your-way” policy on blind dates. This eliminates any awkwardness for either person.

The Follow Up

The following day, we need you to contact your matchmaker & share how the date went, and most importantly, if you’re interested in a second date. If both parties agree, contact information will be exchanged. Please Note: We do not screen our clients beyond the personal interview and the questions in our matchmaking form. We do not perform background checks on individuals. Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions.

Get ready to start dating quality people!


Blind Date Q&A

The $125 registration fee is paid by all participants who enroll in the program. This fee ensures that you are serious about participating and goes towards the matchmaker’s time and travel expenses to meet you. It takes a lot of time and effort for the SITC Matchmaker to process your file and meet for the interview. SITC wants to make sure all registered clients feel genuinely about the program.
The $125 registration fee is non-refundable. Our guarantee states that if we do not find you a potential match within 6 months, you are entitled to use $50 from the $125 towards future events. If you are contacted by SITC for a potential date(s) within the 6 month period, (whether you accept or decline) no credit will be given.
Our goal is to set you up on as many dates as possible to help you meet that special someone. The number of dates you receive will be based on your match-ability, how specific you are about what you are looking for and the percentage of people we have in the program who are a possible compatible match. We do not guarantee the amount of dates or frequency of the dates that we will set you up on. We will set you up on one date at a time. Hopefully the first date goes well and we don’t have to set you up on another!
For every date that we find you, that you agree to and we set up, you will be charged an additional $75 service fee. If you reject a potential date, you are not charged.
You are welcome to leave the program at any time. Please note: your $125 registration fee is not refundable.
Our goal is to find you your best compatible match and not just set you up on random dates. Once we find you a potential date for you, you will be contacted by Laura your matchmaker. If we do not contact you (by phone or email) to notify you that we have a potential date for you, then we were unable to find you a match quite yet. If we are unable to find you a potential match after 6 months you have the option of withdrawing from the program with a credit of $50 that can be used towards any future SITC events.
There are no guarantees as to whether or not you will hit it off with your date. We will do our best to match you up with someone according to the information given and what we learn about you in your interview.
We don’t want anyone feeling awkward on their date or obligated in any way to give out their phone number. The day after your date, you are to contact Single in the City to let them know whether or not you were interested in your date. If both parties are interested in each other, we will exchange their email and phone number. It is then up to both parties to go out again.
If you request to leave the program, your file will be placed on hold for 3 months. If you have not contacted us again within that time to re-instate your membership, we will remove you from the program. Once you have been removed from the program and would like to rejoin, you will have to re-register and pay the $125 registration fee again.
Call us and let us know that you would like to be put on hold. If you are on hold for more than 6 months we will remove you from the program and assume you are in a happy relationship!
Pictures are necessary to reference your file. They are put in your file and are only seen by your matchmaker.
Keep in mind that this is a Blind Date process. We do our best to collect accurate information about each person. A person gains nothing from misrepresenting themselves. We do our very best to ensure accurate information is provided. We meet with all of our members in person, however we do not perform background checks. All members are required to sign a waiver and truth statement.
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