Are You Dating The Wrong Person?

Sometimes when we love someone, and we grow comfortable with that individual it can be easy to miss signs or you purposely avoid signs and tell yourself that they are the one. This can be so overlooked and can cause people to be in relationships that truly aren’t for them. I am going to go through different signs to look for that may help you decide if you are dating the wrong person.

1.) How do you feel? Is there a part of you that feels like you just aren’t “good enough.”
There are times our partners encourage us to better ourselves and motivate us in positive ways but if you constantly have that feeling of not being good enough and competing for their love this is often a sign that maybe they just aren’t for you. If you go over and beyond to make your partner happy and to show them love and these feelings are only one sided, this could be because they just aren’t the one. The right person will remind you that you are good enough, that you’re worth it and you won’t constantly be trying to prove yourself.

2.) Fighting seems to be a daily routine.
In every relationship you are bound to have arguments and disagreements, this helps you grow, work together and learn how to compromise, which I believe is necessary in a relationship. However, if every difference in opinion leads to an argument and causes conflict then maybe this a sign that you both are unhappy. Having an argument is okay, provided that through communication you get through these hard times.

If everything you do, or your partner does seem to start a silly argument it can be very detrimental in a relationship, this could mean that you are simply dating the wrong person.

3.) Do you feel like you have to fit into their world? Almost as if the world seems to orbit around them.
There is nothing wrong with being with someone who has an ego, after all confidence can be sexy, however, if their needs and their wants are more important to them than your happiness this could also be a sign. If you have to constantly make sure that your partner is happy, and it almost feels like you are walking on egg shells, this is a major no no! Your priorities should not be thrown away to satisfy your partner. Relationships are give and take and in order to grow together each person has to feel of importance.

These are just three major signs to look out for, and if any of them or all of them hit home you may want to think about ending the relationship. If something doesn’t feel quite right, why continue. Your happiness depends on you and being in a healthy loving relationship is more important than spending your days wondering why it isn’t working. I hope this article will help anyone who is feeling unsure, unhappy and is maybe scared to leave a relationship. Do what feels right, only you know what that is!

By sitcadmin | July 18, 2019
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