Do Dating Games Work?

Do you typically wait 3-4 days to call a girl after you get her number? Do you wait at least an hour before responding to a text from him? Are you waiting exactly 3 dates to have sex with the guy you’re dating?

Why put all these rules and stipulations on a new relationship? Whatever happened to letting relationships unfold organically?

There are no dating games or rules with the right person.

Dating games can breed insecurity in the early onset of relationships and in some circumstances can prove your level of readiness for a serious relationship.

Waiting 3-4 days to call a girl is pointless. She gave you her number for a reason, call her. Calling her the next day does not lessen her attraction for you if she is really into you. In fact, SHE WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Waiting long extended times to follow up with a girl, only creates an air of confusion and can leave her vulnerable to another guy stepping in who is willing to step up and show his interest for her! If you really like her, call her/text her.

Instead of waiting that certain amount of time you have laid out to prove to the guy you’re dating that you’re “busy” and not sitting by your phone, GET BUSY! Why fake it? How are you ever supposed to get to know someone if you’re sitting by your phone waiting to message the person back? Sounds kind of silly right? If you want to talk to the person, talk to them. If you’re not busy, respond. It’s as simple as that.

Waiting to have sex is unique to each individual but is waiting to have sex as a form of dating game to try and get someone to commit really necessary? Frankly, if the person was never going to commit in the first place, no amount of waiting or not waiting is going to work. Do what you feel most comfortable with when it comes to your sex life. Sex is an important part of a relationship but it is not something to be withheld or given based on a game. Besides, dating games are transparent and are easy to flush out. Most people know when you’re playing games and likely they’re not going to find it attractive. In fact, using dating games is likely to spur feelings of mistrust and leave the person questioning if you’re really the one for them.

When you’re going with the flow and focusing on your own life, there is no room for games. Relationships naturally develop where no drama or dating games are needed.

If you’re thinking about introducing a dating game into the mix, you’re honestly thinking about it too much.

By sitcadmin | July 6, 2015
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