Finding Love Using the Law of Attraction

I truly believe that finding love is possible and you can attract a certain type of person using the law of attraction

New Years, New Love, New Thoughts

As we all know, your thoughts create your life! This is also very true when it comes to finding love. Being single is all about having fun and self discovery. If you are looking to find love in the new year, all you must do is follow these simple steps and the love you have been longing for will be right in front of your eyes using the law of attraction!

1. Be Specific! Clarity is Key.

It is always a good idea to write down WHAT YOU WANT. What qualities are you looking for in a person?
Who are you trying to attract into your life? Do not think about what you don’t want. You must remember our thoughts create our reality, even in your love life! What we think is what we get, so it is essential to be clear on what type of person you are looking for. Having doubt is blocking our desires to get what we truly want. Grab a notebook and write down what it is your looking for in someone. Are you looking for someone who is understanding, secure, confident or loyal? Do you want someone who is in shape, eats healthy, has blue eyes, has brown eyes? You must be certain what qualities you are looking for in order to manifest this type of person into your life using the law of attraction, and this all starts by simply WRITING DOWN WHAT YOU WANT!

2. Imagine yourself with this person.

Writing down what type of person you are looking for is the first step, the second step is you must really believe it and imagine yourself with this person. Visualize how it would FEEL to be with that person. How will you feel every morning waking up with that person? This is the person you have wanted for a long time and now they are finally yours. How does it feel to LOVE them? This is a very important step. You need to already picture yourself with this person, imagine all the feelings you feel being with this person, being in love with this person, getting married to this person, everything you have dreamed of you must SEE it as if it is already in your life. All the memories you want to create with this person you need to visualize. By believing this person is already in your life, soon enough they will be!

3. Attract the person you want into your life.

Next, its time to find love and really attract this person into your life. In order to do that you have to be in a good place in life. Like attracts like, so if you are looking for someone who is happy, you need to feel happy.
Feeling happy now is the quickest way to attract a happy person into your life. In order to be able to enjoy someone’s company, you must first enjoy your own company! Is this making sense yet? Be the person you are looking to attract. It is very important to treat yourself with love and to truly admire yourself in order to attract love and admiration.

4. Send this message to the Universe

Once you have written down who it is that you want, pictured yourself truly being with this person, acted and thought like the person you are looking to attract, the last step is sending the message to the universe and believing that it will come true. Stay focused on yourself, do not neglect yourself in the search for your true love. Once you know what you want and believe it is already yours, then the universe will work to manifest this person into your life using the law of attraction. There is no reason to hunt endlessly for this person. If you believe this person is already the love of your life, soon enough the universe will make it happen. All you must do is have faith in the law of attraction because your thoughts really do create your reality.

For the New Year, I think it’s time to create new thoughts that will help us in our search for love! The Law of Attraction is very powerful and when used to find love and happiness, it will not fail. You just need to believe!



By sitcadmin | December 28, 2018
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