A Man’s Guide on How to Attract Women

Impressing a lady isn’t always the easiest thing to do. From the slightest touch, the right gestures and words, many things can make you more successful with the ladies. Here are some helpful tips on how to attract women.

Leave the right impression: You may only get one chance to make a first impression so be the best that you can! Be genuine and on your best behaviour and show her that you’re interested by complimenting her, sending her a small text message and being a great conversationalist; make her laugh! Being thoughtful and bringing her a little gift has always scored high with the ladies.

Be original: Do fun things that she wouldn’t normally get out and do by herself. Take her rock climbing or on a hike in a scenic trail or go to an Italian cafe for a cappuccino and a gelato. It’s doing fun and spontaneous things that will keep her interested.

Make firm decisions and take control: Women love a man who can take the lead. Don’t let a women work at dating you and make sure you have set plans when you pick her up or meet up with her. Let her know where you are going, what you plan on doing there and where and how you are going to do it. Let her sit back and relax; this is sure to give you brownie points.

Be chivalrous: Believe me guys, chivalry is not dead and it’s a great way to impress a lady. It’s a powerful way to let a woman know that you’re the man and she’s in good hands. Open doors for her, let her go first when entering a room and give her your coat when it’s cold out. Men need to be men!

Have a life and don’t be needy: Women find it extremely attractive when men have their own lives and don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to be happy. Just like men, women like a challenge as well and will try harder to be part of your life when you have other things going on. Find some things that you’re passionate about – keep yourself active and give her something to think out.

Flirt: a little bit of flirting can go a long way. Flirting is fun when you break the ice and is definitely a huge part of attraction. Want some inspiration on how people flirt? Check out Laura Bilotta’s video as she takes on the streets of Toronto and discovers how people flirt.

Be confident: being confident is a very attractive trait. Showing a woman that you can be assertive and tand up for yourself is a good thing. If you’re not naturally confident, try boosting your self-esteem by going to the gym – you’ll look great and you will definitely feel more confident.

Remember to be YOU and show off your personal flair. You are a unique person with plenty to offer your next partner and you should feel like it. Want some more tips? Head over to our Single in the City Facebook page.

If you’re looking to be more success in your dating life or to learn more about how to Attract Women, book a session with Dating Coach Laura Bilotta!.

Question of the day: What works best for you? How do you attract women?


By sitcadmin | August 30, 2012
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