How To Fall In Love With Yourself First While Waiting For Love

While we wait for this ultimate love to come to us it can be easy to get caught up in obsessing over:

  • When is it going to happen for me?
  • Why isn’t it happening for me?
  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • What if I never meet someone?
  • Will I ever love again?
  • What if I never find love?
  • Am I the last person on this face of the earth who hasn’t met someone?

Take it another step further, and you may be looking at all the couples around you who appear to be in love and wish you were them!  You really have no clue what their reality is at the end of the day.

Trust your own journey and worry about falling in love with yourself first. The rest will come.

The best possible thing you can do while you’re waiting for your love to come in, is to fall in love with yourself first. Bask in what makes you so great. Explore and do everything and anything you have always wanted!

Here are some ideas to fall in love with yourself first while you’re waiting for love.

7 Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself

  • Pamper yourself: Treat yourself to a day at the spa or create a spa day at home with a nice hot bubble bath. Go shopping. Buy a new outfit that makes you feel great!
  • Decorate your home: Make your space yours. Buy furniture pieces that speak to who you are and make you feel good every time you walk into that room.
  • Get back to your body: Join a yoga studio or a new class at the gym. If you don’t like the gym, take it outside. Go on a long hike in a beautiful area.
  • Travel: Is there somewhere in the world you have never been? Plan a solo trip to explore a destination you feel inspired to travel to.  Travelling is also a great opportunity to meet new people!
  • Explore your creativity: Start a journal to express yourself. Take a painting or pottery class.
  • Learn something new: Have you ever wanted to learn a new language or a skill? Now is a great time to learn something new, just for you.
  • Volunteer: Is there a cause that pulls at those heartstrings of yours? Sometimes giving back can make us feel even more fulfilled and happy.

When you fall in love with yourself first and do things to make you happy, you no longer put the pressure on someone else to come in and fill a void. Not only that, but you become a lot more attractive to others.  You attract what you send out, if you send out a vibe that says you love yourself, you will attract someone who will love you too!

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a happy, healthy relationship more people are attracted to you?  When you were in a dating slump, feeling lonely and bored, you didn’t get any dates, but the moment you were in a loving relationship you were suddenly being asked out all the time.  Same thing will happen when the person you are in love with is YOU!

When you take the pressure off and fall in love with yourself, that’s when it tends to happen, and in the meantime, you are just loving and living your life – how great is that?!

By sitcadmin | October 14, 2015
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