How To Learn About Yourself Through Bad Dates

Although dating can be tedious at times, especially if you have been single for a while, dating provides an immense opportunity to further your self-growth and learn about yourself.

Going on one bad date after another, can be even harder. But when you look at these bad dates, on the bright side, you learn so much about yourself through your dating experiences, good or bad.

It may be hard to see now, especially after going on a date only to have them forget their wallet, provide no conversation, hit on the server, stare at your chest all night or get drunk. Beyond the so-called “bad” there is always good.

Dating provides a platform for you to learn about yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner.

What have you learned about yourself from your bad dates?  How did you handle yourself under pressure? When faced with a bad date, where you still able to stay true to you? Did you treat your date how you would want to be treated? Although in a tough situation, did you handle yourself with integrity and respect?

When you have bad dates further ask yourself:

  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • What did I learn about myself from this experience?
  • What did I learn about the type of partner I am looking for?
  • What qualities am I not looking for in a partner based on this experience?
  • Am I able to be myself on my dates?
  • Does my true personality come through on my dates?
  • Am I open to the experience of dating?
  • Am I truly available?

Use these questions to generate some internal dialogue next time you have that bad date.

Instead of getting stuck on the negative, think of this bad date as a great opportunity to dig deeper into your psyche and find out even more about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Perhaps these bad dates are a reflection of you not being ready or just not having met the right person yet, you don’t really know until you reflect on your experiences.

On the other side, when you go on dates that are great by your own barometer, what makes them so great? What did you learn about yourself?

Think of dating as one big training camp getting you prepared for your victory win; the right partner for you. There is nothing ever lost when you go on a date and put yourself out there. You have already learned so much about yourself, whether you perceive the experience to be good or bad.




By sitcadmin | October 7, 2015
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