How To Make Your Profile One Of The Best Online Dating Profiles

Knowing what and what not to put in your online dating profile is essential to getting the response you ultimately want, a date and eventually a partner!

So what are the best online dating profiles doing that you’re not? Let’s look at two BIG mistakes people often make on their online dating profile.

  1. Too much verbiage:

Keep your online dating profile short and concise. Women are OK with reading a bit more verbiage on a profile but men are not.

The best online dating profiles focus on what makes them unique. Focus on what makes you unique. Try looking at other profile’s in your demographic, what could you highlight on your profile that no one else is talking about? Stating that you like to go to the gym, hanging out with friends and love your family, is pretty generic and common to an online dating profile. Instead of placing yourself as a commoner among many, focus on what makes you great! Have you travelled anywhere recently that you loved? Is there something that you can do that no one would ever guess i.e. hobby, work related? Do you have a nickname that is funny? Think about adding pieces of information to your profile that will show your personality, humour and true interests. Being specific is better than being generic.

Ultimately, you want to present your true personality as best you can through words. The best dating profiles are the ones that can capture their readers with a few short sentences. If you run into difficulties, ask a friend how they would describe you and have them help you write up a mock profile.

  1. Do you have too many selfies or only one photo?

Selfie overload in any world is overwhelming and can be quite comical for your matches. It is OK to use one selfie but be sure to include photos that show a true depiction of your life as well. Do you have any fun photos with friends or doing something you love to do? The best online dating profiles have multiple pictures and pictures that best display their personality and/or interests.

Also, if you have pictures of you in the same outfit but different poses, only use one!  When it comes to pictures, this may be self-explanatory but do not post a screenshot of your licence. No really.

If you’re struggling with finding photos of yourself, ask a friend to help you! Having a couple of photos is important, one photo leaves too much to the imagination.

Overall, the best online dating profiles are one’s that give a clear snap shot of who you are, what you’re about and what you’re looking for.   Be honest with yourself and on your profile. Depict the best possible version of you and you cannot go wrong.


By sitcadmin | July 23, 2015
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