How to Meet New People to Date

The big question that anyone who is single wonders at some point of time, ‘How to meet new people? The good news is that you won’t be single and alone (no, your pet doesn’t count) forever, but the bad news is that you can’t predict how long it will take before you find the right person.

Well until then, you’ve got to dabble in the dating world to find that special relationship. Here are some tips on how to meet new people to date.

  • Speed dating, the dating world’s very own version of musical chairs is something you may want to try if you have very little time to find yourself a potential mate. Of course, you want to look at making the best of the time that’s available by finding out as much as you can about the person by asking open-ended conversations, rather than ones that end with yes/no answers.
  • Gone are the days when online dating was reserved for super-shy introverts, fast-paced lifestyles have made many singles seek out online dating options today. There are so many dating sites out there where you can search for people with specific interests, cutting down a lot of work and unproductive dates in the process. Make sure your profile is interesting and not made-up, and there ino harm in uploading a few of your best pictures, clearly they get more hits!
  • If you want to do it the traditional way, that’s great too! You can either ask your friends to set you up on a blind date, or still braver, go up and ask someone out yourself.  Where do you find these potential dates? Our date radar tells us that pubs, cafes. events and tradeshows are all good picks! Then again you can meet a potential date at your friend’s party or at that cooking class that you signed up for. Make sure you are dressed in a presentable way whether you are taking your dog out for a walk or running up to the grocery store. Know that you won’t really have blaring signals and neon lights hinting that you have to strike up a conversation with them. It’s all about putting yourself out there and approaching people with a confident smile,  interesting conversation and a go with the flow attitude.When you approach, make an obeservation of something that is going on around you. If they smile alot and give you their attention, keep the conversation going and eventually ask them if they are single – If they say yes, well go ahead and ask them if they want to go out sometime!If your friends can’t set you up, you’re not meeting anyone when you go out and you’re tired of online dating, well then perhaps its time to hire a matchmaker.

Well there you have it, how to meet new people! Little tip, leave the pick-up lines at home.

By sitcadmin | April 12, 2015
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